Valentine’s day…

Yet another Valentine’s day passes by. There was nothing extraordinary for me… except for a sms that came and wished me to actually make me realize that there was something special about the day… that people also wished each other on this day.

I was in ‘The Den’ (Some secret society location at IIM Lucknow :P) and working till 5-30 in the morning. The team broke for the day and I came back to my room and tried to take a small nap before attending my class at 11:45. I did not wake up for MatMan… I bunked it and finally woke up at 1:30. It was good though..

I had to be inside The Den again at 6’o clock. That meant, I had only 4.5 hrs for me myself. I had my lunch, came back, arranged my laptop and displaying the characteristic of a true boring person that I am, I started reading blogs on the web. In between I thought about talking with some one, or sending mails or sms but some how I felt, there are some of the things which have gone forever… and probably there is no one who would be willing to talk or reply to my mails or smses.

Valentine’s day in college was celebrated with full ‘masti’. There was an insti party in the night but we could not attend … Again, it did not bother me too much because being a non-drinker, it anyways would not have been that great for me. I liked one line that our ‘El Capitano’ spoke: “We are a bunch of losers who are working while the whole insti is partying…”

I could only think that it was worth it!!!