Ganesh Chaturthi

Ganesh Chaturthi is not new to me. I did my engineering from NIT Surat and every year Hostel-4 in my college used to organize Ganesh pujas during this period of time. Although the scale was much lower than what happens here in Mumbai, I could see that Ganesh Chaturthi is similar to Durga Pujas in Bengal or Dussehras in Delhi.

I have some adventurous memories from my NIT days when this incident happened… In hindsight, those days look funny but being in the thick of things was a chilling experience.

Oh BTW today is the last day of Ganesh Chaturthi and the organizers bid adieu to Lord Ganesha on this day by immersing the idols into water bodies. In Mumbai, they mostly do the visarjan (immersion) in the sea… Now, the issue here is that on a single day, when thousands of such idols are taken through the Mumbai roads to the sea faces, the traffic situation goes for a toss. Trains are stopped, public transport system is shut and other modes are ineffective. So, there was a notification mail in our office today for all of us to leave early, if our homes are away. I got back home early today but I wanted to see some crowd in the streets but unfortunately they were not crowded at all… in fact there were less people on the streets today than a normal day. Maybe everyone is staying put at home fearing huge crowd…

Time is 7:06 P.M. as I am writing this blog…  and I am hoping for the crowd to catch up on the SV Road so that I can get a glimpse of the Ganpatis.

Back home in Assam, we have similar pandals, idols & immersions during Durga Puja. I am going to Assam in September on the occasion of puja… It will be awesome fun being there during the festival season…

Those days, when we used to play with toy pistols, which mom bought from the Puja fair are gone days… I miss them though…  😛


Hello world!

Hi All,

I have moved my blog from to I am a Google loyal but I have noticed that they have not incorporated too many advanced features in blogspot in the last few months. WordPress seems to be better to me because it is very handy and it has a lot of cool features… Also, every one needs changes. 😀 I wanted a new look to my blog.

Happy Reading!


Partha Basumatary

"Projects are much better"

I just came back from the CC. We have our ECO presentations on Wednesday… We were preparing our project report for that. As usual is the case everywhere, we don’t take anything seriously until the 11th hour approaches. The topic that we chose was: Micro-credit.

We are supposed to study the existing models of Micro-credit (MC) in India, understand the business model of Grameen Bank, do a few paper reviews and suggest a new model based on our study. In the group I have a fair knowledge about MC, thanks to some IIFT projects. These academic projects are actually very good and students can derive immense learning out of them, provided work is done without plagiarism. In a b-school environment, stress should be more on live projects and “learning through experimentation” kind of methodologies. I don’t want to crib here but I hate seeing people running behind marks even at this stage. Probably, those people are also not the ones to be blamed. The system is such that scoring marks becomes the sole motive and learning takes a back seat.

I know why I lost interest in studies during engineering. The teachers were unable to generate any interests in the subjects. There was lack of any proper methodology in the teaching back then… Here these things are much better. Everything is scheduled and people who study can actually score a lot of marks. I am not that kind of a chap who would run after marks… That has been reflected in my 1st term grades here… 😛

I don’t know the teaching methodology being followed in the Harvards, Whartons and INSEADs of the world, but I am sure the way teaching is being imparted over there is much much different from what is being done here in India. Practicality is the most crucial aspect missing from the Indian education system…

Hope time changes everything FASTER!!!