IIM L Ver 2.0

I am a tuscha now. In IIM lingo, a tuscha is some one who is in the second year… a senior to be more precise. Before joining L, I had a lot of apprehension about this place. I heard from so many sources that L had the most rigorous academic schedule amongst all IIMs. I was really worried … More so because I was leaving IIFT after one year of MBA… It was definitely really a very big gamble then.

One year into L and being a 2nd yearite now gives me the authority to say freely that the gamble was worth it. It was in fact not at all a gamble… it was an opportunity for me. The past one year has been so fast paced that I cannot fathom how I have adjusted and created a new family and a new life inside L.

A friend of mine from Team Manfest told me that,”Apni learning toh L se alag hi honi hai…” (Our learning from L will be totally different). What he basically meant was that we would be richer in a different way by the time we leave this place.

For me personally, it has been a great year… I joined Manfest and was a part of Controls. The kind of camaraderie that exists in both these teams is amazing and I just feel lucky to be a part of it. More importantly for me I have made some really very good friends. You get to learn so much by just being a part of some one else’s life. It feels good to know that some one missed you when you were away during your summers. It feels good to know that there are people who are genuinely so friendly without any expectations… It feels good when you know that the people who are your best friends here will be the big names of corporate world in future.

If some one asks me today about one thing that I value the most in L, then that would be the kind of people I have here with me. Just before joining this place, I was lonely in my own world. L brought a refreshing breeze of people to my life… They have made me change myself. I now understand that life is more about how you want to live it rather than living it on some one else’s dictums. Coming back to L is like coming back to my own family… to my own place… to my own people… to people who are close… and who care… Touchwood!

I kinda feel nostalgic about this place already… But before I leave, there are many things to be accomplished… Hopefully, everything is gonna be alright… by the almighty’s grace.


A trip to Hyderabad

I had an extended weekend at Hyderabad. My good old college buddies, the dearest of them all are there… Hyderabad is an overnight journey from Bangalore. Book a ticket in a nice Volvo bus and you are assured a good comfy ride all the way. Mineral water, chips and biscuits are there to compensate for the dinner that one would definitely miss.

The trip to Hyderabad was a long overdue. I canceled it once three weeks back due to some creepy feeling that came into my mind. After that, it took me long to pacify Sardar who was acting as if the whole sky had fallen on top of his helmetted head.

The past is not as close as it seems. It’s been almost two years since we passed out… Some things though never change. I can talk with these people for hours without getting bored even once. I can hurl all kind of expletives at them… I can gauge their mood swings without much ado… Good to see that most of them are kinda well settled in their lives… and I am sure the future is only going to be better for all of them.

Some of the things that could be termed as leftovers (Would like to do these with friends some day in future)

  • Go on a trip to Mauritius. We planned an entire trip to Mauritius in between our end sem exams during engineering days. :P. Now, you know the reasons behind my lack of good grades. The plan was so exhaustive that the only thing that prevented us from making the trip was a passport;
  • Have a Dil Chahta Hai style trip to Goa from Mumbai on an open hooded car some day.

I always say that the college friends are the ones who have the greatest influence on one’s lives. Maybe because we grew up, faced ragging, experienced defeat, joy and all kinds of emotions together.

Coming back to Hyderabad, it is a nice and growing city. The software engineers swarm every other place… like they do in Bangalore. Except for the summer heat which is unbearable, everything is good out there. The roads are broad and beautifully maintained. Amenities are not aplenty but they are OK. One sad thing was that the Hussain Sagar lake stinked so bad that even olfactory adaptation could not prevent us from running away. God knows how people were having culinary delights on the Eat Street sitting by the side of the lake where we could not stand even for 5 minutes.

It feels good to be with friends all the time. But, as life moves on, work pressure, career and other options take precedence and probably take the fun portion out of life. One should take a few days off and try to re-energize himself for all the chores that one is entitled to do.

Hyderabad Calling…

I am going to Hyderabad today. My train is at 5: 45 p.m from the New Delhi Railway Station. I hate this lonely travel… I will be going to Bangalore after Hyderabad for my summer training at Wipro.

Well… all my interviews are over. Got some free time but to be frank enough, I am so tensed inside. This long wait for the results is tiring man! I will put a blog on my experience at the Khan market post my IIM-I interview. It was a good one…. 🙂

I have forgotten the exact lines of a quote which touched me inside out when I read that last year… It is tough to forget many things… I am no doubt much better now than before. I am happy.. have made some friends.. enjoying as much as possible.. But one cannot always control emotions… One misses the special one who means a lot to one’s life… The best way out is to find solace in things which seem to be small and go unnoticed but which mean a lot!!!

Ciao!!! 🙂

Mindbend – Flex Those Neurons!

Mindbend is the annual National Level Technical Symposium of SVNIT Surat. I have a very memorable association with the same.

I was the student convenor of Mindbend’05. I got the opporunity to organise such a mega event for the first time. The total budget for the whole event was around 5 Lacs where more than 600 students from across the country came to the college campus during a span of 3 days. Initially when I got the responsibility, I was thrilled but at the same time I found it to be very challenging. I had to lead a team of my peers and there was one more convenor in the team so objections and differences were bound to arise. There were many contenders for the post… but only two posts were there. So those who missed out were obviously not very comfortable initially. I must acknowledge one thing that I got a very good team where people were really dedicated and hard working. The core committee, the technical committee and the junior volunteers were really very cooperative.

I should not say that we did every thing right… There were many hitches and bumps on the road. There were sponsorship deficiencies accompanied by uncertainities of the infrastructure and the guest lecturers. Why I am writing this is that after looking at the site of Mindbend’07 a few minutes back, I felt nostalgic and I travelled a few years down the memory line. I remember the night long strategies to reduce costs, the infrastructure bottlenecks and the great optimisation schedule for the limited (to be precise… 3 projectors) to be used for the entire show. Then the run for the sponsorships and the tension emanating from the faces when some sponsor backed out at the last minute. I learnt a lot. I lost something very important during the event but my job did not allow me to think too much. That obviously made me stronger but that took away something from me… and I still crave for that. Getting back to my learning, the most important lesson that Mindbend taught me is to respect your peers and subordinates. It is ultimately your people who matter and they are the ones who bestow their trust on you as a leader. So leading is not about speaking a few inspiring words or having only a very good oratorial skill. It is about having the ability to understand your team very well. It is about knowing how to make others work without hurting them. It is about visualising the future and the ability to look at the same thing from a different angle. It is about having the ability to acknowledge one’s mistakes and having the guts to correct them. It is about being tough at times and taking unprecedented decisions for the greater cause. It is also about arguing with the Director to have your work done but ultimately proving him that you were right. I miss those night outs and the long ride to “Chamunda” at 4:00 A.M in the morning for a cup of tea and some snacks. I also miss sitting in front of the Hospitality desk chatting with the juniors encouraging them to learn and make Mindbend a legacy and off course a brand. Mindbend got over with a smile and I felt I did nothing. It was a dream period for me where I found myself being so true and dedicated. Even after Mindbend got over, I used to see dreams of organising Mindbend in a better manner and including things which I always wanted to do. But constraints were always there and I will vouch for it that my team tried its best. There were many drawbacks which have helped our juniors in improving the next edition…

During our time, we faced many hitches while organising funds. We still managed to have some very good sponsors. Infosys, L&T, Kribhco, Gujcost, Torrent Power etc. showed enthusiasm and responded positively. Our juniors also did a great job and they put up a better and organized Mindbend’06. Mindbend’07 has come out to be bigger and better. While browsing through the site, I saw that they have put some very good events on the roll and the brands which are sponsoring the event only testify one thing that our efforts of building a brand Mindbend continued by our juniors have been really successful. I am proud to be associated with Mindbend and it is very close to my heart for the obvious reasons.

I only hope to see a bigger and better Mindbend in the future and I am sure with the kind of zeal and enthusiasm shown by the junior batches in SVNIT, things are only going to improve. Let us rock it and see to it that our Mindbend becomes a bigger brand which is at par (if not better than) with Techfest, IIT Bombay.

Convocation Pics

Noticeable personalities: Rajiv with his version of Basic Instinct! Mollycoddle (Manoranjan: extreme right) seen in an unsual attire.. U rock Mala!
NESA rocks!!!

Techie Sid trying to emulate Sardar. Sardar saala thinks he is Abhishek!!!

M the odd one out!

Shruti, Sardar and Sid in some great conversation? I am sure Sid might have been bugging Sardar!!! :)))
I wanted a serious pic. Sardar making a mockery.. Shruti baal banati hui
Myself, Mayur and Rajiv

Lavanya, Mayur, Neel and Shruti (a friend I wish I met earlier)

Check this out: http://picasaweb.google.com/pratim.partha I have uploaded all the pics in picasa that my Canon A 340 took in SVNIT a few days back. The ones put hereare very close to my heart!!!

Engineer P@rtha : A journey!!!

I am supposed to be an engineer now. I am done with the last papers of my
engineering career… Looking back at the last four years, I feel that my engineering years have been the best , but at the same time the worst years of my life. I consider this period to be a well defined picnic period where the finance was taken care of by our parents and we did everything but study.

These were my best days coz I could realise my potential, my zeal, my ability to sustain, my ability to give, to live and to use my capabilities for good… I have a degree too and two jobs also.. I have call from a premier B School also.. I have seen the importance of friendship and the extent upto which I have involved myself in this beautiful relationship. I have got the trust of a few people.. I have the independence.. I have everything today… I am a more matured person now… I have started to love and live with the nature.. in the nature and for the nature…

Then what is this worst part all about??? I have lost my greatest asset… Optimism.. I was the most optimistic guy in the town.. Now the reverse is true… It may be true because I have bcome more practical in my outlook.. What else…??? I have decided not to trust neone… I used to trust every person.. Now i am very skeptical about every damn thing in life.. U guys lemme decide whether it is right or wrong??? I have travelled a very big distance from my self… May be that was self engineered… I have taken wrong decisions only to let my heart get broken into pieces… never to find someone to heal it wen i needed one.. I have learnt not to expect anything from anyone..

Being the only son of my parents was a boon as well as a bane.. I was pampered.. got everything that i ever dreamt of.. was dependent on others.. never seen pain.. was solitary.. somehow i have maintained that state even now… “Too emotional” is one tag that i have carried over the last few years here in SVNIT.. noone had the time to peep inside…

This is a never ending story of a guy called Partha, from Assam. I am going to join IIFT, Delhi for a two year MBA (IB) course.. Hope is a good thing.. I am trying to hope for the best.. The best is not defined.. I dont want every definition of mine to go wrong….!!!! This time i have left it upon the time to define what the word “best” means to me…