Hola Ladies and Gentlemen! I am good and rocking here at IIM Lucknow. I have good news for all of you. Thanks to the almighty, I have made it into Yahoo! India. I always wanted a sales and marketing profile for my summer training and I got that. The best part is that ever since I attended the Yahoo! seminar at Leela Palace in Bangalore last summer, I started loving the company. It is a dream come true and I am feeling great. J

I would like to congratulate the seniors and the placement committee for organizing an absolutely flawless process. It is never easy to manage more than 20 companies in the campus in one day WITHOUT even one single issue coming up. IIM placements’ week is one hell of an experience.

I would like to delve a bit more into how placements happen in an IIM. Inevitably the time allotted for placements is less than a week. The number of prospective companies would be around 200 and the actual number of companies depends upon the conversion ratios of the participants. If you look at the structure, there are three main sets of volunteers in any placement process. There is this control team which has information related to anything and everything about the students, their status, the room they are currently IN or the process they are currently involved with. Even if some one is in the loo, you can get that information from the control room.

Then there is this company liaison team which is always with the company officials who come for placements. Since there are so many companies in the campus at the same time, their duty is to receive the company officials, take care of their needs, take them to the required places (library, faculty cabins, computer center etc.) and be with them till their process gets completed. They also inform the controls desk about which participant or group is currently IN for interviews or GDs respectively.

The student liaison team takes the student(s) for interviews or GDs from the waiting rooms to the required location. They also familiarize the interviewees and the GD participants about the kind of questions being asked in the process or the kind of discussion the companies are conducting.

Apart from all these, we have a team which prepares the ‘RG docs’. Whenever a company comes, this team is ready with these ‘RG docs’ which talk about the company – its history, current offerings, future trends, annual results, latest news, last year projects etc. This helps a lot because even if some one has a look at the ‘RG docs’ even once, he would feel confident about the company process.

The best part of this process is that both the batches are involved fully. I personally feel a lot of ownership about the college and the seniors. When it would be the time for final placements, we would do the same and contribute back to the seniors. People are so motivated… Seniors who are proficient in different verticals are conducting small sessions in the waiting rooms on how to deal with the processes. Pep talks always help.

Yeah! The placements time is like a festival here. The whole mess has shifted near the PGP block where the waiting rooms are there. There are only three nodal points where announcements regarding company shortlists are being made – the two waiting rooms and the mess. Even the mess workers are dressed in uniforms and the way they behave shows how considerate and understanding they are. They are ever ready to help. One good thing about this place is that the authorities and the officials are very pro students. I have not seen such kind of a behavior before.

This is one experience I would never forget. Life has been good here for me. Thanks to the blessings of the almighty and elders and the love of near and dear ones, I have been able to survive well till now.

I will come up with some more updates soon… I will post some photographs as well… Till then BYE BYE!!!