Nithari Killings: Is it the end of hope?

Once again CBI has shown its imprudence and incapability in putting a criminal under the guillotine. It has given clean chit to Maninder Singh Pandher, the prime accused in the Nithari killings.

Initially he was charge sheeted with 18 cases out of which he has already been absolved of in 6 and the CBI has clearly stated that it would be next to impossible to convict him in the rest because of his mobile data records which show that he was not in Noida when the crimes took place. That means the whole blame will be put on Surendar Kohli, his servant and Pandher will be freed with a little or no punishment.

Till how long will criminals like him go scot free? It is clear from his past track record that Pandher is some kind of a psychopath. Is it not understandable to the CBI honchos that a servant cannot commit such heinous crimes with the owner of the house being in oblivion for such long time? Are mobile records sufficient enough data to absolve a criminal when there are other proofs against him? Skulls and skeletons were found in the back yard of Pandher’s house. If he was not at all related to these crimes then why did not he inform the police about the carcasses found behind his very own house? Plus the killings took place not in one day. Instead the poor kids were being murdered brutally one by one over a period of one or two months.

Had it been for the kids of some rich people, I am sure Pandher would not have been acquitted. The poor daily wage laborers whose children became the savages’ prey cannot do anything because of their social as well as economic backwardness. This again brings to light the continuing discrepancy in the Indian society where the poor are denied justice at every step. This is a shame on the part of the country that criminals like Pandher can live peacefully when they ought to be behind the bars.

For me I have lost faith on the Indian judiciary. My family’s personal experience has also not been good. I agree there are instances where people who deserve justice get the same but in more than 80% of the cases, the people on the wrong side win. And the rest 20% who are lucky enough have to toil real hard and that too not for one or two months but for years at a stretch.

Delay in justice is equivalent to justice being denied. Cases go on for years… maybe for decades at times. Common people lose track of their cases after one or two years and this is when the opposite party (usually the crooks who are expert in dealing with such situations) take advantage and tilt the case in their favor without the other party knowing anything. Corruption in all levels of the judiciary starting from a peon to the judge upholds this trend.

There is one another issue which poses big problems for the commoners. The common people do not understand the rules of the game and end up committing mistakes. There is a big need to make things transparent so that atleast the educated people can understand what goes on inside the court room. Otherwise what happens is that they are left in the mercy of their lawyers who are more interested in extracting mega bucks from the clients. Leniency on the part of the lawyers also delays hearings etc. which lead to the ultimate delay in the final verdict.

It is high time when the judiciary becomes more professional rather than being political in its approach. It should look at the improvement of its own ‘processes’ rather than wasting time on every small issue being raised by some Tom Dick or Harry through PIL.

DISCLAIMER: Strictly my opinions above! 🙂