A trip to Hyderabad

I had an extended weekend at Hyderabad. My good old college buddies, the dearest of them all are there… Hyderabad is an overnight journey from Bangalore. Book a ticket in a nice Volvo bus and you are assured a good comfy ride all the way. Mineral water, chips and biscuits are there to compensate for the dinner that one would definitely miss.

The trip to Hyderabad was a long overdue. I canceled it once three weeks back due to some creepy feeling that came into my mind. After that, it took me long to pacify Sardar who was acting as if the whole sky had fallen on top of his helmetted head.

The past is not as close as it seems. It’s been almost two years since we passed out… Some things though never change. I can talk with these people for hours without getting bored even once. I can hurl all kind of expletives at them… I can gauge their mood swings without much ado… Good to see that most of them are kinda well settled in their lives… and I am sure the future is only going to be better for all of them.

Some of the things that could be termed as leftovers (Would like to do these with friends some day in future)

  • Go on a trip to Mauritius. We planned an entire trip to Mauritius in between our end sem exams during engineering days. :P. Now, you know the reasons behind my lack of good grades. The plan was so exhaustive that the only thing that prevented us from making the trip was a passport;
  • Have a Dil Chahta Hai style trip to Goa from Mumbai on an open hooded car some day.

I always say that the college friends are the ones who have the greatest influence on one’s lives. Maybe because we grew up, faced ragging, experienced defeat, joy and all kinds of emotions together.

Coming back to Hyderabad, it is a nice and growing city. The software engineers swarm every other place… like they do in Bangalore. Except for the summer heat which is unbearable, everything is good out there. The roads are broad and beautifully maintained. Amenities are not aplenty but they are OK. One sad thing was that the Hussain Sagar lake stinked so bad that even olfactory adaptation could not prevent us from running away. God knows how people were having culinary delights on the Eat Street sitting by the side of the lake where we could not stand even for 5 minutes.

It feels good to be with friends all the time. But, as life moves on, work pressure, career and other options take precedence and probably take the fun portion out of life. One should take a few days off and try to re-energize himself for all the chores that one is entitled to do.