The wait is becoming unbearable for me. I want the IIM results to come out as soon as possible. This stalemate is wasting away my precious time and making me addicted to pagalguy again. I simply do not understand why things become so complicated at times…

I am in Bangalore… I have been unable to savour the so called beauty of the place because there is always a tension lingering behind my mind…

Traffic congestions, poor drains which start over flowing when clouds start forming in the sky, the auto and taxi drivers always willing to plunder you… all these things accompanied by the worries are making my life a mini hell here.

I sound negative but Bangalore came as a huge shocker to me. I was thinking that traffic would be the only bad link to the city… But here, there is no place to enjoy. At times I feel it is worse than Hyderabad. At least food was not a problem there… Pollution, chaos, commotion, lawlessness make Bangalore a nasty place to live in. The only good thing here is the weather which becomes pleasant in the evening… but one cannot expect me to look at the sky during the evening without any place to sit and enjoy…

OMG! I should not have written so bad about this place… Probably I am venting some frustration out here… LOL…

But yes! There are some positive things as well. I met a few old friends here… One very good friend from Assam stays here near IIMB… It is always nice to be back among the old frens… Made some friends here in Wipro as well… My project mate is an excellent companion… having great time with her…



…………. [/DELETED]


Here in Bangalore

I am in Bangalore finally. Hyderabad was a nice experience, thanks to all my friends. The journey from Hyderabad to Bangalore was too good… I enjoyed the same.

I stayed at a friend’s place for one night here and then I shifted to IIMB. I am writing this blog from the IIMB Computer Center itself. The campus is beautiful and serene… It is a pleasure to watch the greenery around specially when you come from a place where only the concrete beauties exist. I am missing Assam and my parents… Hopefully I will be able to see them soon.

Yesterday (April 13th), we had our induction programme. It was my first corporate experience and I did really like it. We had an interaction with the HR lady then with one Mr. Ranjan Acharya (he is one of the only 21 PCMM consultants in the world). His speech was by far the most entertaining one because he mixed content very shrewdly with humor. I and Chino were talking in the lounge and we could see Azim Premji, the Wipro Head walking across the building. Actually, the induction was done at the Sarjapur office of Wipro which is the corporate head office of the entire group. We played a team game which was pure fun. Then there was a small treasure hunt thing… although the name was wrongly put. We were being divided into 5 teams and each team had to visit the different branches of the WIPRO group and then speak to the whole group about the same. It was not fun but absolute GAS!

We also had a photo session of all the interns who got inducted that day. It was good…

Have not yet met too many bangalorean friends of mine (from college). Want to see them soon.

My project starts from Monday onwards. I have been told that the Electronics City is a huge office where 30000 people work for WIPRO. It will be a great experience hopefully and since I have always been interested in the IT field, I want to do well in the project.

I am anxiously waiting for the IIM final results to come out. That tension always prevails. Just praying to the almighty that every thing goes well this time…


One minute @ the American Diners

All my IIM interviews are over and I am a free man now. My last one (Indore) was in the Indian Social Institute, Lodhi Road. It did not really take me too long to find out the place because of the smart “mapping” by some friends from IIFT.

The interview went well… I spoke quite well in the GD. Once or twice, the points were being carried forward as well. That proved that I spoke substance. The case given to us was really very confusing. I used the whole discussion to understand what the case was really talking about. Interview was nice and a very cordial lady (from the panel) started by asking lots of questions on my hobbies, Wal Mart, Sam Walton, Assam, photography, blogs etc. etc. I had a few hiccups in answering to some questions on International Finance because the questions they asked were primarily fact based, which is like G.K. I anticipated questions on the concepts… Anyways I covered up well and I ended it with satisfaction. I now have a long wait before the IIMs give the final verdict on the same.

Right now, I am on my way to Hyderabad. As usual is the case, everytime before boarding the train, I looked at the list and was really happy to see some “F22”. Fate was bad and when I encountered the reality, I felt I was doomed. It sucks man… I don’t know when the so called adventure would happen to me… LOL… J

I wanted to write something about my experience in the India Habitat Centre and the Khan Market post my last interview but believe me the 12 hour sleeps over the last few days prevented me from venturing out into the act of writing something worthy. I planned something with GG and I hope it turned out well and nice albeit in an adventurous way.

My interview was over. I dialed GG’s number. GG picked up and the conversation started…

GG: Hey Honey! What’s up? Where are you?
Me: Hey! M done… can you come over here to ISI?
GG: Oh yeah! Just go to the top floor and wait for me in the canteen.

(I took the lift and went up to the top floor only to get dejected because it was stuffed with so many people and all were looking at me because of my Englishman style dress. Probably someone might have thought that I was being mad wearing coat and tie when it was terribly hot in the Delhi Summer. There were a few others who were in formals… Probably they were waiting for some other interviews… I removed my tie and put my coat over my right shoulder and came down and waited for GG to appear. GG’s home was 20 minutes walk from ISI.)

Suddenly my phone vibrated and it was GG.

GG: Hey honey! I will take some 10 more minutes. Where are you? Enjoying up there in the canteen?

Me: HELL NO! Come over here soon and we will talk.

GG comes and we went out. It was pleasant and I discussed something with GG… all about my GD and PI. I was happy it was all over and I was ready to launch myself into a great big break to redeem my lost pride… (Wow! That was extraordinary… Not pride… It should have been lost … ummm… err… I don’t know I lost something)

My purse was empty and I wanted to fill that up with a few currencies. For that I need an ATM machine which was no where nearby. Me and GG went and asked many people but nobody had an idea about an ATM… precisely SBI’s ATM. At last, I withdrew some bucks from AP Bank ATM.

We went to the India Habitat Centre directly. GG told me that he would take me to the American Diners. I initially could not understand what he was talking about. I thought he was talking about some place where we could give some soothing effect to our tortured out eyes which were desperately looking for sources of enjoyment. I also thought that experience would not be very taxing on my finances. We went inside… It was cool. I was dressed semi formally and GG was in his usual hang out dress wearing a spiderman T-Shirt which reminded me of our apna Sardar. The guard at the door was looking at us with his prowling eyes probably thinking that wrong people went inside a wrong place.

I seriously did not have any idea about that place. We went inside the restaurant and the waiter comes up to us offering a seat. One another came to us and asked if we would be taking mineral water. GG said no and looks up into my eyes. We understood that a great deal of embarrassment was on its way. The menu came and I saw the cost of one small burger was Rs. 250/-. I guess that was truly American… Believe me it was very much apparent that they were simply taking loads of money from people without giving anything in return. That place did not even have any proper ambience per se. But GG was constantly telling me it was high time we ran away without giving any orders. I was feeling very shy initially because I had never faced anything similar in the past. We waited for some more time and when the waiters were busy with some other customers (or consumers?) that we decided to run… Thank God! There was another door near the table which was an easy way out for us. I did not look back and rushed out as soon as possible because I knew the waiters would be looking at us with confused eyes. It was my first such experience but it was bound to happen when I was with our DON of IIFT Delhi, i.e. GG.

It was independence and I asked GG not to take me to any such place any more because I was very thirsty inside. We headed towards the Khan Market and had a glass each of fresh juice. I must confess that was the worst glass of juice I had ever taken in my life. Khan Market is all famous for its kababs. I and GG went ahead to an all famous shop “Khan Chacha”. It was a very small one we ordered Mutton kababs. One plate had eight pieces and believe me those were the best pieces of mutton I ever took in my life.

I know vegetarians would not understand what I am talking about. 🙂

I was not in a mood of coming back so soon to the hostel so we decided to talk a walk around the market. I also secretly wanted to taste those kababs once more after some time. We were walking through the same place over and over again. There were small streets between the tall buildings. Somehow I felt as if I was in some European city. The roads were clean and neat. There was no direct sunlight. The area was peaceful and cold (not cold but it was pleasant). The buildings were old but the brands were new. There were bill boards and posters that spoke of the resurgent India. There was some beauty which cannot be described but only felt. GG went to London around a month back and I asked him for some expert comments on the same. He also seemed convinced that I was talking sane. Plus, there were many foreigners out there shopping in those small shops. It was nice and I got time to be a bit philosophical.

GG told me that God has been very unkind to India on two fronts. One, they have given the best climate to the Europeans. Second, (which is more important to us 😀) God has been very partial against us in terms of female population. GG and others devised a formula about what kind of girls would be termed as good looking in London.

Good Looking = All females (1 – % of females who are FAT or OLD)

That is certainly not the case here in India. I used the term “good looking” to keep modesty in this blog. Otherwise the readers can derive as many meanings as they want. J

There were many good looking foreigner females in the Khan Market and it was only the capacity of our brain that mattered because “downloading or uploading” every thing into your brain is not humanely possible.

We were gradually tired of making rounds of the same place over and over again. We went to Khan Chacha again and had one more plate of Kababs. We completed our feast by having cold packed juice which was sort of a toast for both of us.

I took an auto rickshaw back and took a nice sleep for the day before I realized that it was 10:00 at night.

Like every good thing, it was really a very nice experience for me because I enjoyed a lot. Life is beautiful and there are many things which could be cherished in life. People are not always bad… and places don’t always suck!!!


Hyderabad Calling…

I am going to Hyderabad today. My train is at 5: 45 p.m from the New Delhi Railway Station. I hate this lonely travel… I will be going to Bangalore after Hyderabad for my summer training at Wipro.

Well… all my interviews are over. Got some free time but to be frank enough, I am so tensed inside. This long wait for the results is tiring man! I will put a blog on my experience at the Khan market post my IIM-I interview. It was a good one…. 🙂

I have forgotten the exact lines of a quote which touched me inside out when I read that last year… It is tough to forget many things… I am no doubt much better now than before. I am happy.. have made some friends.. enjoying as much as possible.. But one cannot always control emotions… One misses the special one who means a lot to one’s life… The best way out is to find solace in things which seem to be small and go unnoticed but which mean a lot!!!

Ciao!!! 🙂

What is there in my hands?

Gita says, “Do your work judiciously and do not think about the results”! I am trying to do the same. Many things are at stake this time.

I won’t say that I do not have anything as a back up option but a lot depends on the results of my interviews this year. I am already in a good place but I have always thought that I deserve something better. This feeling is intrinsic. I do not compare myself with others. I feel that certain things are very important to me and I do not see myself compromising on them at any point of time.

I do not have fear of failures because I have seen many of them till now. Those failures have never been able to reduce my vision of future in any manner. I have always dreamt of doing something different and I feel I will be able to do so. But what I fear is the loss of credibility and the shattering of hopes. I see a new ray of hope in my parents’ eyes. They are keeping their fingers crossed. I do not know what to say. It has happened many a times that I behaved like a choker during the crucial moments. Life is too long and these things are parts and parcels of life but when you think of accomplishing something and you have put in your efforts genuinely into it, you do not want to lose. If I lose this time, I will not be able to look into my parents’ eyes in my life again. They will not speak even one word of sadness in front of me… They will try to motivate me… They will show in front of me that these things do not affect them. But I know the truth and that will hurt me for the lifetime…

Why am I writing this blog? I am fearing the outcome… I feel that I should get what I want this time but again there is always a probability of failure. I do not want to see that failure coming into my way again.

I just pray to the almighty to pardon me for all my sins for this moment because victory this time will rebuild the castle of hopes inside me. I pray HIM to grant me his kindness so that my parents get what they deserve from my side.

Just help me… Please!

Good Times…

Of late I am feeling very happy inside. There is no reason as such but the general mood and atmosphere is very positive. My end term has started and I have done well in the first three papers. My interviews were also good. Probably all these factors have culminated into this mood transforming agent.

I am going to Bangalore this summer for my internship at Wipro. Thankfully they have increased our stipend to 20000 bucks per month. I have got my project details also. It is related to the Asia Pacific region where I will have to work under the infrastructure services BU of Wipro. I have heard that IMS is the biggest revenue earner for Wipro. That is good for me I guess. Before Bangy, I will be going to Hyderabad and spend some time with my old buddies.

You know something. I have become hopelessly romantic also. Don’t take it in the wrong sense… I am not dating anybody. What I mean is I don’t know… I feel there is some beauty in everything… Probably one cause for this change is that I am denigrating the effect of past on me. I have lost my friends… I cannot meet them more often.. Then what the heck? They were not supposed to be with me for my entire life. Being emotional is one issue and being overtly sad due to something like I was is one different issue altogether.. and believe me that is not the best of the things. One another reason could be that frankly I am over with the notion that the lost love was the best… Maybe some one did not deserve me or it could be the other way round. Probably the almighty is conspiring something good for me… I also feel that what I thought was ideal was just a mirage… What i thought of to be perfect came out to be short of everything… I don’t care… I simply don’t care… There is no place for emotions in the corporate world… I better be ready and yes I am confident I will fare well… There are many stakes.. Many things to be done. I won’t stop before completing them…

I used the “romantic” word… Yes! I am being one because I feel there are many things which are eluding and the search for those things is limitless. They play games with one and all… I am excited by the prospect of that adventurous search…

Tomorrow I have the International Finance paper in the evening… It is the toughest one in this trim. But as is the normal case, it is very interesting. Futures, SWAPs, Options and Arbitrage… Oh my God! I am already confused…

Bye :)))

Before …

I watched “Before Sunrise” and “Before Sunset” a few days back. The first one is a prequel to the second. The beauty of these movies is that the second one has been made after a gap of 9 years and the story also aligns itself to the actual time gap. The actors have grown old naturally but anyone who has seen the first movie would definitely understand and love the second one right from the start.

I love both these movies and the characters. The clip shown above will give an idea of what these movies are all about. I do not claim that everyone would love this but for me personally it has been a beautiful experience of self realisation. I love to introspect… And these movies are all about introspection and how one understands himself.

I would suggest one and all to go and watch both these movies.