Retrospective Thoughts

Sometimes you remember things from the past very fondly. Just the realization that you were ‘someone’ who has changed to ‘somebody else’ now is an interesting experience in itself. Last night I was lying on my bed trying to sleep, doing nothing, just thinking about my life right from my childhood to where I am today and where I am going to be in the future. One does not document every bit of his life religiously in a diary. It usually resides in one’s head. Those lost experiences, those thoughts when you were a kid and the way you think is sometimes difficult to recollect.

Everybody changes; with time priorities change and with that the way you think also changes. It is sometimes very hard to understand or comprehend that you were once upon a time the person you were. Good or bad, you were what you were. And you are what you are because of what you had done in the past.

I was going through my blog. I used to write regularly but with time I stopped. Now it has become laziness coupled with a little bit of disinterest but what I wrote in the past actually reflect how I used to be only a few years back. The way I looked at life then is much different from how I look at it now. I actually enjoyed reading what I wrote. It took me back to the times I spent writing those blog posts and I could actually feel the tit bits and emotions surrounding those thoughts.

Memories are like feathers that are affixed on your hat of life. Some of them flow away with the wind of life but the ones that stay are the ones that make the maximum impact on you. Those feathers can be your relationships, experiences, emotions etc.

Life is changing so fast. I will be hitched soon… Now more on that on a different post (She deserves that ;)). But I can only wonder or imagine how I am going to be in a few years time. They say, change is good and I hope to stay positive about that but still…