What is my identity?

I have been asking this question to myself for quite some time now… No doubt I am being philosophical about this whole thing but the idea here is that I am confused about my own identity.

In the current context, identity means traits embedded in a person’s character which originated from the culture of the place they live in.

I am born and brought up in Assam, did my entire schooling there, went to Surat (Gujarat) for engineering, stayed in Delhi for a year, did my MBA in Lucknow and now I have been working in Mumbai for the past two years. Unlike a lot of my peers, it has never been an issue for me to assimilate myself with the culture of the place I have been to. May be I can adjust way too often or it is there in my nature, but the whole thing perplexes me a lot or least to say, it concerns me. I don’t know whether it is good or bad to have one’s own distinct identity but I feel I am more of an assortment of bits & pieces from here & there rather than being some one with a distinct identity.

May be it all boils down to my nature or the kind of person I am? It may also do with the intrinsic human nature of adapting to the environment to make the best for oneself. Some people consciously/ unconsciously resist change which is their comfort zone. For me, I probably feel more comfortable in making myself adapt than making the whole environment change for myself…

I know this is all crap… but I loved writing this post. 🙂