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Dear Friends,

I am passionate about marketing and had always dreamt of starting a blog on it. So, here it is. Do follow it… I will keep coming up with regular posts.




When your friends get married!

This is the time for marriages in India. People get married in leaps and bounds. :P.. Yeah they do. They get married, then produce kids and increase the population. This is one race where we Indians will always be ahead of others, including China ;).

Anyways, little did I know or get time to realize that some of my very close friends would also be tying their knots this season. Not only knots… they will also walk seven rounds around the holy fire and take vows of togetherness & lifelong trust… apart from all other customary rituals.

This is a part of life right?… people tend to get into relationships and then marry for happiness, security and kids blah blah blah. But it seems all surreal to me… I still cant believe that WE (me and my friends) have grown up so much so that some of us are going to be husbands and wives…

Before some one misinterprets me, I am neither a misogamist nor a preacher of celibacy. I have great respect & love for the institution of marriage. I also have some great dreams ‘about and from’ my would be spouse. But, a marriage comes with so many responsibilities… and I am scared of that. Isn’t it a little bit early?

Does any one else feel that way? I am sure in a lot of cases the answer would be ‘Hell Yes’ 😛

Fine… now coming back to friends, what are the implications for me when they get married?

    • First things first: What do I gift? Will my friend like it or not? Will it be useful? Will it be memorable? What should I take into consideration before buying something? Should it be a unique piece? Will others also gift the same thing? Does it fit with the fad? I am yet to decide what to gift for the three marriages that I am going to attend in the next few days.
    • Distance: Why do all marriages have to be in Bhubaneshwar or Bangalore or Hyderabad but not in Mumbai? Traveling takes a lot of time and when you work hard during the weekdays, you do not like to move even an inch during the weekends.
    • Calendar: Finally why do marriage dates clash? Imagine a situation- Two of your closest friends are getting married. You met them at different stages of your life… both were very important to you and there is no fixed criteria to reject one and accept the other when you know that you cannot be at two places at the same time. How do I decide where to go and where not to? Should I toss? 😦

    Amidst all these problems, one has got to remember that marriages happen only once in a lifetime (unless…). It is always a good idea to genuinely try and grace the occasion… So here I go to Bangalore next week and then Bhubaneshwar the week after to attend marriage functions of two of my closest friends and wish them a happy married life ever after.