Switching loyalties

Isn’t it amazing how the soccer players switch their loyalties within no time?

International World Cup qualifiers are underway and the club players are playing for their national teams against their very own club mates. And they are playing alongside players who are their ‘foes’ for most part of the year.

It is the height of professionalism? Is not it difficult for the players to adjust? A thousand case studies can be developed on this subject…


Life roxxx!

My carelessness towards my blog is unacceptable… Long time since I posted the last time. I am trying to be back.

Life has been good here… Work is there but the fun element has increased. We friends hang out together, party more often and watch movies whenever we get time. These are the days which make one feel that time should stop… Everything has been just perfect… or at least near perfect. I am enjoying every bit of my stay here at L because I know life will change once you are into the corporate world. I won’t pass any judgments on my life which is yet to come but I know one thing for sure that people do change once they start ‘working’. And most of the times, the change is not pleasant…

‘Controls’ has started again and preparation for Manfest is already underway. Oh, BTW we have launched our first event – Karvy Online -a live stock trading event which is the biggest of its kind in the country. Mega bucks to be won plus there are a lot of other takeaways like the ‘gyaan’ of trading at a time when the market is in a slump… Also, you get to trade in commodities as well… So, form a team of 2 or 3 and register here. You can also play it individually if you want to do it alone.

On a personal level, I some times wonder how long it will take me to understand my own self. I am discovering and rediscovering myself over and over again. Every other day I find something new and I say to myself, “Oh Wow! I am like this as well…” I some times think I am becoming a better person because of this but at the same time I also feel this is hampering my natural instincts… I have become more and more conscious about who and what I am… It restricts my emotions… my actions and my reactions…

FYI, College has suddenly become ‘greener’ because of ‘imported pastures’ from Europe. 😉

It is sometimes amazing how time passes by and how people come to your life and change it for good or bad. I am still confused as far as my personal life is concerned… Maybe that is how life is.