‘Happening’ days

I feel like writing today. The last few days have been very ‘happening’ and I have had a bag full of surprise elements in my life.

Mid term exams are over. I never thought they could be as simple. Half of my exams were open books and the rest were application based. I love such papers where I get the opportunity to think and write. I hate mugging stuffs and reproducing the meaningless frameworks and theories on the answer sheets.

I like marketing. I want to pursue a career in hard core marketing. People think it is all GLOBE. I say, “No! It is not” Marketing is all about common sense… It is about understanding yourself and others. A person who can keep his eyes & ears open and who can understand others can only become a good marketer.

I had the chance to talk with a very close friend from the past. It was nice to have a feeling that I got back my best friend. 🙂


Life in general

Some things are better unsaid but I beg your pardon for putting personal stuff on a public domain.

Before some one gets me wrong, I would like to clarify that I am perfectly fine. But, being a person who probably introspects a lot, I felt I should pen down a few things.

After coming back from summers, PGP2s have established a trend of taking long walks around the campus almost every night. I have also joined the bandwagon, though gradually I have become a regular walker… I sometimes walk even twice. The cool breeze, lonely roads and relative isolation give me enough time to think about myself and my life.

I have some very good friends here in L… And it would be wrong to say that I am lonely. I have people to talk to, friends to rely upon and ears to listen to my litanies. But, as some one rightly pointed out something is missing in life.

I don’t know why I am thinking like this… Maybe I should not. But, even amongst people who are so good, why is it that I feel so isolated… so engrossed in my own thinking that I cannot keep pace with the external world. I find myself so lonely even in between a group which cannot get better. There are no answers… at least for now. Second year for me has been relatively chiller academically. I expect the load to increase soon. Things should fall into place once I am into a lot of responsibilities. The screw is getting tightened gradually…