IIM L Ver 2.0

I am a tuscha now. In IIM lingo, a tuscha is some one who is in the second year… a senior to be more precise. Before joining L, I had a lot of apprehension about this place. I heard from so many sources that L had the most rigorous academic schedule amongst all IIMs. I was really worried … More so because I was leaving IIFT after one year of MBA… It was definitely really a very big gamble then.

One year into L and being a 2nd yearite now gives me the authority to say freely that the gamble was worth it. It was in fact not at all a gamble… it was an opportunity for me. The past one year has been so fast paced that I cannot fathom how I have adjusted and created a new family and a new life inside L.

A friend of mine from Team Manfest told me that,”Apni learning toh L se alag hi honi hai…” (Our learning from L will be totally different). What he basically meant was that we would be richer in a different way by the time we leave this place.

For me personally, it has been a great year… I joined Manfest and was a part of Controls. The kind of camaraderie that exists in both these teams is amazing and I just feel lucky to be a part of it. More importantly for me I have made some really very good friends. You get to learn so much by just being a part of some one else’s life. It feels good to know that some one missed you when you were away during your summers. It feels good to know that there are people who are genuinely so friendly without any expectations… It feels good when you know that the people who are your best friends here will be the big names of corporate world in future.

If some one asks me today about one thing that I value the most in L, then that would be the kind of people I have here with me. Just before joining this place, I was lonely in my own world. L brought a refreshing breeze of people to my life… They have made me change myself. I now understand that life is more about how you want to live it rather than living it on some one else’s dictums. Coming back to L is like coming back to my own family… to my own place… to my own people… to people who are close… and who care… Touchwood!

I kinda feel nostalgic about this place already… But before I leave, there are many things to be accomplished… Hopefully, everything is gonna be alright… by the almighty’s grace.