When it rained…

Last night, it rained cats and dogs here in Bangalore.

And, Yahoo! locals was also launched… 🙂

We had an all hands meet at the Hotel Ashoka Grande in the evening yesterday. It is a quarterly meeting (is it?) where all the achievers from the Yahoo! offices in Bangalore get recognized. There was a small beer cum snacks party after the meet. We were there when the cake was cut and it was nice to see people celebrating their efforts which made Yahoo! locals a reality.

Ummm… coming back to rain… It was simply awesome. The smell coming out of the raw soil when rain drops kissed it took me back to my childhood days. We used to have this big green field in front of our home where I used to play cricket, football, hide and seek etc. etc. There was a nice beautiful river that flowed by an embankment that was erected to prevent floods. Whenever the weather turned rainy, I and my friends used to swirl around running with arms wide open to feel the soothing effect of the soft wind that blew just before a heavy downpour. The whole atmosphere used to be so exciting… dark clouds up on the sky… air oozing perfume of the flowers that traveled distances…

Ours was like a small farm house then… We had some goats… some hens… a small orchard consisting of guava, mangoes and some other fruits. Now as a habit, goats fear water like anything. A small rain drop falls and they used to scream on top of their voices. They had ropes tied to their necks and the other end would have big pegs made of bamboo which would be put inside the soil to prevent the goats from moving away. When rain came, Maa would ask me to extirpate the pegs and release the goats. I would not take umbrella because I used to love running in the rain. Goats used to scream more when they saw me… When I released them, they would waste no time and run as fast as they could to their shade where some tree leaves would already be in place for them to eat.

Those days are gone… The beautiful home where I grew up belongs to some one else now because it was a government bungalow for doctors. I am grown up… We have shifted to our own house… We don’t have goats anymore… But, I miss those days… There was only happiness around. It was a small village where everyone knew everyone else… Festivals were celebrated with great enthusiasm… New Year picnics were annual affairs… Life was so devoid of complicacy. Thinking about those days, I feel growing up has only been a curse.

Since I cannot relive those days, I decided to get drenched last night. Rain started falling down as and when I stepped out of the cab. But I did not rush to my apartment… Instead I was taking my own sweet little time and looking up on the sky while walking. The rain drops were hitting me on my face… the wind was blowing… It was a nice experience after a really long time.

I have a suggestion: If you are coming back from office or you don’t have anything very urgent and rainfall starts, then get drenched in it for atleast once. Feel the tiny droplets of rain hitting your face… See how beautiful nature is and how great a feeling it is to be like a kid when you are grown up!



It’s been almost two years since we left SVNIT Surat. At that time, only one or two of my friends were “committed”. Here commitment means that people have found their “soul mates”. It is not just a casual brush with love, instead it is something which tends to be permanent and demands some kind of seriousness from them who are involved.

Now, as I was thinking about all my friends, I found (to my dismay) that barring one or two (including me), rest of them have found their girls. They are kinda “well settled” in their lives.

Now, to quote one of them, “it feels good u know?“.

That is probably nice. I have had some brief experiences in the past but never got myself involved in any permanent kind of a relationship. Looking at some pairs, I feel it is a complete waste of time because I am no way an entertainer who would like to talk the same old story every other day. Sometimes I feel, maybe it is good to have some one who has time for you or who likes to listen to you when you are frustrated … Some times you need some one close enough to celebrate your happiness…

Bhajji Paaji slaps Sreesanth ‘the Saint’

The recent controversy involving the spat between Sreesanth and Harbhajan Singh was funny, yet humiliating to Indian cricket. Controlled aggression is always healthy but these two perpetrators have not been able to substantiate their aggression with similar performances on field.

Now, it will be interesting to note how BCCI reacts to this controversy. I sincerely felt that Harbhajan was being over-protected during India’s tour down under. The fallout of the same is in front of every one to be seen. Here Sreesanth is also no saint and both of them should be dealt with strong fists…

What irritated me the most was the reaction of Sreesanth… He proved that he is a cretin of sorts, who could cry when being slapped on face by a fellow team mate who played along side him for his very own country.

This is gross and frustrating for fans like me.

Just another blog post…

The last few days of any sporting season are full of thrill and excitement. EPL countdown has begun and the Champions League final in Moscow is less than a month away. Man-U is on its way to grab its second successive Premiership title and it is still in the race for another European glory. I am a die-hard ManU supporter and I would love it if we can make it a double this time.

ManU plays Chelsea at Stamford Bridge tomorrow. A win would ensure that the league is ours… I hope we can seal the fate tomorrow itself without waiting for too long and then go and outplay Barca in the Champions League semi final at Old Trafford on Tuesday.

Soccer is a beautiful game. The intensity, fervor and passion make the game so special. Sadly, the situation of soccer in the country is not as good. Recently, I came across a piece of news saying that India has signed a treaty with Brazil where we will be teaching cricket to the Latin Football giant and in turn, they will return the favor by teaching football to our players. This is a positive step but in India, we are always good at making plans and strategies, whereas execution always takes a back seat. Let us see… We can always hope for something good.

India is a huge country. We definitely have a great scope for another sport where we can excel. No, I am not talking about eating away any fan following from cricket. Fans are not exclusive as far as sports are concerned… But, a game like soccer can have mass fan following in the country. There are pockets like Bengal and Goa where soccer is being followed locally with unmatched interests. The same can happen on a global level provided; people get to see some quality games from quality players.

Well, after quite a bit of prodding, I thought it was high time I should get a Manchester United jersey. Although, the price tag always repelled me, I decided to keep my senses at bay and bought one at the forum mall here in Bangalore. It did cost me some 2300/- odd bucks but a credit card payment ensured that I did not feel it when the money was actually going out of my pocket. But, I guess, it was worth it. I love the club and the team… Hope we win and after that, I would be eagerly waiting for another soccer delicacy, the Euro 2008.

A bad day…

Yesterday was a rough day at work. Things were not going as per my expectations and to double the trouble, I had a scuffle with an auto rickshaw driver last night…

The traffic system in Bangalore is worse than any other place I have been to. The commutation costs are simply exorbitant and the auto drivers are like thieves who can manipulate the meter…

Frust ho gaya hun! 😦

IPL mania grips the nation

A few months back, I predicted that cricket would be taking an altogether different route of commercialization. It is not only about media, hype, money, glamour and glitz anymore. Cricket is changing. The gentlemen’s game has transformed itself into a far cooler version of what it used to be. With the advent of T20 cricket, the time taken for the completion of a match has reduced from a day/5 days to 3 hours. Cheerleaders, pyro-techniques, colorful jerseys, and players defying nationalities… wow… things look a lot better now. India’s triumph in the T20 world cup final brought the latest version of the game to India and here we are now facing the dawn of a probable change in the way cricket will be played in the years to come.
After that epoch triumph at Lord’s in 1983 against the mighty Windies, Indian cricket changed for good. Indians started believing that they had the ability to discern themselves as a major competitor on a global stage. That win gave a major push to cricket in India and the 1996 world cup made the subcontinent, the powerhouse of world cricket. Indians are cricket crazy and the players like Sachin, Sourav, Rahul, Yuvraj, Dhoni etc. are like demi-gods. The greatest reason behind so much fan following could be the lack of any other sport where India has a potent presence. Even Indian hockey has lost its grace and thanks to the utter nonchalance being shown by IHF and Mr. Gill, we could not qualify for the Beijing Olympics.

Zee group’s rebel ICL raised alarm bells in the BCCI camp. It realized that it was sitting on an opportunity which was similar to a potential gold mine. Right from denying access to major stadiums to imposing restrictions on players from playing in the ICL, BCCI has played all the dirty games. Eventually, it came up with its own version of IPL…similar to the EPL of soccer. Eight franchisees and a unique way of buying players through competitive bidding laid the foundation for a competition which has been riding on the hype and hoopla surrounding it.

Today is the fourth day of IPL. Till now, apart from the Mohali match, where the stadium was sparsely filled, almost all other matches have seen full attendances. Though it would be too early to talk about the future of the competition, one thing that cannot be denied is that the kind of money involved and the fan following that exists in India for cricket is nowhere to be found in the world. Therefore, if any thing like this can be done to world cricket, then only India can do it.

It would be interesting to see how fans adjust to the new mode of fan loyalty. Whether Indian public is willing to support one particular entity or they will be confused for a long time is still a big question mark. It is good to see Punter hugging Dada and cheering for Ishant. At the end of the day, it will be a victory for cricket.

Those cricketers who usually do not get the chance of playing in the national side because of stiff competition would also get to learn a lot from the big shots of international cricket by playing alongside them in their respective clubs. I hope IPL has a long life…

Caught ‘purple handed’ :)

I am back. A lot many things have happened over the last one month or so; at least in terms of changing locations. I went home and now I am here in Bangalore for my summer training @ Y!

The end term examinations went well… in fact much better than how I fared during my mid terms. I remember my last MIS examination when after doing my packing (as I had to put my stuff in a common room before leaving for summers), I went to the library only to study but started bakar with Chellu and APee. Our talk went on and on… Only when I went to the loo and saw the early morning sun rays coming inside through the window panes that I realized, it was already 6 A.M. Who gives a damn when you have intellectual bakar mates like Chellu and APee? Although I am really doubtful about the 2nd name. 😛

My brief journey home was full of power failures at home, lots of guests coming to meet me, my visits to relatives for the sake of sustaining relationships, and total lack of private time. Not even a day passed by when we three (Maa, Papa and me) got enough time to sit down and talk properly. But even amidst all these problems, what makes a visit to home always special is the feeling of being in the company of the people who love you unconditionally. I miss my folks some times but life and career have defined a route which is probably taking me away from them.

Assam, is not heading anywhere. I see a total lack of opportunities in the state. People have nothing to do… young people are sitting idle and they hatch bad plans in their minds. The crime rate has increased… It is unsafe to even walk around after dusk. The natural beauty (that I was proud of once) may not exist for too long. The hills are already losing their green covers. And the worst of it all, I see a lot of demographic changes taking place in the society… 😦 Among the positives, a four lane road (under the East west corridor project) is coming up which will connect Assam with the rest of the country. Broad gauge railway lines are being laid and maybe within the next few years, we will have a local railway station as well. But all these things will bear no fruit until and unless the people back there learn to do a bit of hard work.

Back from Assam to some thing lighter. I bought a 500 GB external hard disk and I am using it to store as many movies and TV serials as possible. I am watching Heroes, Prison Break, How I met your mother, Coupling, Hustle, Sex and the city, Wonder Years etc. etc. After watching all these, I find everything related to the Indian TV scene so silly.

A typical Indian TV Series goes like this: A young bride (who is the ‘awesomest’ lady on earth in every sense) gets married to a good guy. Then there is some one from amongst her in-laws who does not like her and she hatches a lot of plans to do all kinds of torture to her. She survives each one of them… her hubby who was initially good also suddenly becomes her anti and he also starts hating her. But she is still the sati, savitri types. He unfortunately meets with an accident and dies but before she comes to know about that, there is an alter ego of her husband who comes to take his place and derive some undue benefits. Suddenly her relatives (who were her biggest enemies once) become angels and her only well wishers on the planet. But hold on, some other villain has to come into picture. Then suddenly the dead husband (whose body was definitely not found) is alive and kicking again… the confusion of the alter ego is solved as he comes out to be the twin brother of her husband who was given to some other family because of some promise the mother of the husband made to some bloody crap… Huh… I cannot go anymore… People die, take rebirth, and become good, bad and good again…Add to it, the pathetic actors… They do not know how to even cry… I also notice one very common thing… The goons who are shown in the serials always have dark body color, wear some old style goggles, tie a knot with the two ends of their shirts, don a pair of rugged jeans, use a red piece of cloth to roll over their necks and speak in a very typical accent which I cannot describe here now… Do we really want to see these on TV? Before the story comes to an end, the producer stops paying bucks to the channel and so the show is stopped and another serial starts… 😛

Okie… what else…??? M doing my project here @ Y! It is a good one… I cannot say too much but, yes I am working with some of the best people from the web space in the country. One good thing about this place is that, people here encourage independent decision making even at an internship level. This is some thing which would be very difficult to find otherwise. You can go through the video below: (something very relevant to me and my project)