Section D – Adieu to first year @ Hel(L)

Group – 1 sans Chaddha!!!

Prized ‘commodity’ here @ Hel(L) 😛

The camera could not catch the shape ‘D’

Hel(L)’s ‘D’evils 😛

Officially, the last day of first year’s teaching got over today here at Hel(L). Section D will never be the same again… In fact, there is no fundae of sections in the second year. We had a quiz today… After the quiz, we all assembled at the convocation ground and clicked photographs, gave bumps to the unfortunate ‘bummable’ guys. We have a party tonight… after some time… to be precise, it starts exactly 9 minutes later. 🙂

We still have one more year here at L… Hope life is going to be full of fun, frolic, learning and happiness like the way it has been till now.



Final placements are over. IIML rocked! Congratulations seniors!

Controls 23 was one of the most fulfilling experiences of my life. Placing some one and being a part of the process is a matter of self satisfaction. I am lucky to be associated with the team controls.

Now everything is over. I have 24 hours for me myself. But, I do not know what to do. I loved it when I was there in the tent for 5 full days and nights. I made some new and good friends. A group becomes more united when they are up against some one who is screwing their happiness. In our case, it was the seniors’ team… The ‘screwing’ made us gel more and more. And the interaction with the seniors’ team after their placements was also too good…

Now, again and again the question that is coming to my mind is what is happening to me? Manfest seniors are going to leave… I just could not comprehend how fast time passed by. I came here, the hoax period, the induction, the committee selections, P&G Live project, Manfest, Controls and seniors are gonna leave… Never thought I would not get even one f&***king second to talk to each one of them after Manfest… Will miss all of them. 😦

India Wins

So finally we belted the Aussies on their home turf. What is more exciting is that, all these things have taken place after a string of controversies… both on and off the field.

Indian cricket has definitely taken a new turn. I am not saying by conviction or this is not some thing which has come out of an ardent supporter. In fact, I am sure and I believe, Indian cricket is more professional now. There is no place for emotions… One has to play and perform to stay in the team.

One act of professionalism shown by the team was to select youngsters for the One Dayers. I know many of us were unhappy because Rahul and Sourav were dropped. Even I was critical at that time… But look at the situation in 2011 when India hosts the world cup. How many of these senior players will be in the team till then? I am not sure whether India will tour Australia before WC2011 again… Aussies will come next. So, to give our “team of future” the best and the toughest experience was a good decision indeed. Australian cricketing conditions are far tougher than they seem. It is not only about cricket down under… It is more about handling pressure and the obstinate media. Aussies often demoralize opponents by making ‘off the field’ remarks…

Anyways, congratulations to the entire team. I hope this is just the beginning.. It is always easier to win than winning continuously.

On a personal front, I am happy and hopefully getting more matured with every passing day. 🙂 But I don’t know why there is some kind of an emptiness inside… Too much of work has ensured that, I don’t have free time to think… That is good but again it happens that, at the end of the day, u want to talk with some one who is close and who understands u truly. It is hard to find some one of that kind…

I am waiting for the moment… 🙂