Valentine’s day…

Yet another Valentine’s day passes by. There was nothing extraordinary for me… except for a sms that came and wished me to actually make me realize that there was something special about the day… that people also wished each other on this day.

I was in ‘The Den’ (Some secret society location at IIM Lucknow :P) and working till 5-30 in the morning. The team broke for the day and I came back to my room and tried to take a small nap before attending my class at 11:45. I did not wake up for MatMan… I bunked it and finally woke up at 1:30. It was good though..

I had to be inside The Den again at 6’o clock. That meant, I had only 4.5 hrs for me myself. I had my lunch, came back, arranged my laptop and displaying the characteristic of a true boring person that I am, I started reading blogs on the web. In between I thought about talking with some one, or sending mails or sms but some how I felt, there are some of the things which have gone forever… and probably there is no one who would be willing to talk or reply to my mails or smses.

Valentine’s day in college was celebrated with full ‘masti’. There was an insti party in the night but we could not attend … Again, it did not bother me too much because being a non-drinker, it anyways would not have been that great for me. I liked one line that our ‘El Capitano’ spoke: “We are a bunch of losers who are working while the whole insti is partying…”

I could only think that it was worth it!!!



I have not been regular with my blog for quite some time now. Life has been really very hectic. I sincerely feel that a day for me should have 48 hours… 😦

Manfest 2008 got over with a bang. Outsiders & insiders have spoken positively about the event. The competitions, informals, professional performances were very well organized without major glitches. Apart from the serious management types events, we also had three bands performing live at IIM Lucknow during Manfest this year. Silkroute, Parikrama and Euphoria rocked the campus. Side by side, we also had our annual alumni meet – Nostalgia which saw many distinguished alumni members coming down to the campus. Three days of enjoyment, thrill for the spectators and participants alike but; sadly for us (14 of us Manfest CORE), we could not enjoy anything. No time dude! But it was an experience which will be cherished for the rest of my life…

Every good thing comes with bigger challenges. Manfest 2009 will have to keep up the tradition of being bigger and better… And this time, it will be entirely upon us.

Life in a B-school is fast paced. I just do not have any free time for my own self. Controls, submissions, projects and suddenly the mid terms have come. This is the mid term week going on and I am through with three of the exams. Just imagine, free time comes only then when you have exams … 😀

Anyways, I am bored of studying MatMan (BTW I have two exams tomorrow). Thought, I should scribble some thing on my blog…

Over the last few days, I have gone through a lot of mood swings. And the worst of it all, I have started thinking that, I am good for nothing. Maybe everyone feels like that at one or the other point of time… I am having my time now.

One more thing, life some times becomes so artificial and devoid of feelings. Everything is so mechanical… Work, work and only work and a corporate culture where if you show emotions, people tend to consider you weak. I now understand why people become hypocrites and paranoids after they join jobs … Because, you cannot be what you are and there is always a conflict between what is probably ‘good’ and what you actually are!

Anyways, I am glad to say that I am making some good friends who have made me feel that all is not bad. Otherwise there was a time, when I lost hope on all these things… Slowly life is back on track (touch wood). Even in midst of so much craziness and insanity, 5 minutes of laughter makes life worth it.

Ciaos… BTW! Congo to my IIFT batch mates for rocking placements!!! Kudos to u guys!