Happy New Year :)

Wishes for the new year. May all of you have great time throughout… May God bless you…

Since it is time for new resolutions, I would also like to put forth some of mine:

  • I would like to say NO more often than not. I just cannot say ‘NO’ to anyone…
  • Learn to take less responsibilities so that more time could be given to what I am currently doing
  • Speak… speak and speak… Be a chatter box… :)… Lately, I have become very conservative as far as talking is concerned
  • Not to hurt my own self due to stupid reasons
  • Second year of MBA is approaching… This means, there will be no college life (in typical sense) after this… Enjoy with friends as much as possible.

And yeah, there is one more resolution… I would like to talk to this senior of mine at least once before she leaves the campus. Meri fat jaati hai usse dekhte hi… 😀