Of "friends" and relationships…

How many friends do you have? How many ‘good’ friends do you have? How many ‘close’ friends do you have?… How many ‘best’ or ‘bestest’ friends do you have? Well… Hold on! I do not want to compare your list of friends with that of mine. The reason I am asking all these is because I feel we should introspect and reflect upon the very basis of this relationship called FRIENDSHIP. My motivation for this blog:

  • After all the humor, philosophy and Gita’s slokas that we learnt in our BIO (Organizational Behavior) lectures, the greatest learning that I derived is the realization to reflect upon the theories put forth by the social scientists and correlate the same with my own personality so that I can understand my own self better. Our BIO professor very nicely said that this would help us in building perspectives which would ultimately help us in taking decisions quickly and effectively.

Lately, I have been wondering why do we like someone to be our friend or just cannot stand the sight of some one else? I had a great respect for this relationship earlier. I used to think that friends constitute your family members outside home. But looking at these things objectively, I feel that friendship is situational, need-based and full of desires to satisfy one’s needs.

We like people who have similar thinking pattern or share a common heritage or show some care for the other person or something on the similar lines… We tend to stay away from people who are non accommodating. People look for company to discuss trivial issues or crib about their jobs or talk about a broken love story… they search for people who can give them some time. If the frequency matches or situation makes them feel so, two persons become friends.

There is no concept of having a ‘best’ or ‘true’ friend(s). If some one says, “I am your best friend”… ask him/her: “For how long…?” I sincerely believe all these relationships are not at all permanent. People tend to forget their friends as and when they are out of sight. I have felt that… I too have done that probably. There was a time when I used to boast of myself being a friendly guy having lot many friends. But I have seen with experiences aplenty that whatever I thought was wrong.

Think about it… No more “friendship” gyaan for the day…

After a month long process of tasks, reviews, further tasks and further reviews, yours truly got selected into the core committee of MANFEST, the Annual flagship B-School festival of IIM Lucknow. It is a prestigious role but like every good thing, it has got huge amount of responsibility and I will have to stretch myself up to the limit so as to maintain a balance between studies and work.

MANFEST’08 is coming in January… I hope our team does well and puts up a much better show than the previous edition.


Idee Fixe – Together We ROCK!!!

Our team Idee Fixe has won the proposal for the first Marketing project in the campus this year. It is the largest of its kind offered by any major player to any B-School in the country.

The team rocks… It is a great feeling to be a part of such an enthusiastic mix of people!!!

This news came like an icing on the cake as our mid terms came to an end today. The day was really good. I went to the city with my friends. We watched the latest Harry Potter movie. It was good enough.

Feeling tired now… But we have our Insti party going on where the in-house band 3.4 is performing. Gonna shake my legs a bit… Ciao!!!