Heyyyy!!! How You Doin’?

I have been here in L for over one month now. Just cannot imagine how happening life has been over the last one month or so. Time is money and I am poor… That is very clear from the fact that my frequency of writing blogs has decreased.

Well.. It is not only about academics. In fact, academics are not really taking toll on me… Probably I am finding things very redundant and I do not have the excitement of unfolding the mystery of a first year MBA course like my batch mates here because of my one year experience at IIFT. I today realize how IIFT had helped me in changing my perspectives. I am happy to say that I am more practical and independent now.

I was talking about something other than academics here in Hel(L). Here we have 10 committees and clubs. Each one of them is full of activities… The campus is always abuzz with one or the other thing. I participated in two events already… It was fun. Then you listen about the seniors doing well in the summers… What would you say when you hear some one still contemplating whether to accept a PPO offer from T#$ which is paying around 65k per month? And this is not uncommon… There are many such stories which are there to inspire us for our summers placements.

The selection process for the membership in different committees is going on. The process reminds me of the CAT GD & PI sessions… For every committee, we have multiple round of interviews and task allocations before the final selection is done. I love the process because unlike the previous colleges where most of the post holders were elected, this process gives opportunities to people like me who do not really like to stand for elections. I have personally applied to quite a few committees… Let us see where I end up! The tasks are exciting… but they require some seriousness and time devotion.

Bhavishya is the social club @IIML. It is supposed to be the largest of its kind across all the B-Schools in the country. I have reached the task round of Bhavishya. This one is my favorite among all the tasks allotted to me… I have to devise a marketing strategy for the poor women Self Help groups in UP who have to sell their products. I hope my contribution comes in handy… and it helps the cause.

Apart from these… yeah I have made quite a few number of friends. It is fun meeting new people and learning from them.

IIML has an unique marketing research fair cum competition called Index. I have joined one team for the event to be held in December. We will fight it out with 9 other teams… Each team has 10 first year juniors and 10 second year seniors. The picture above shows our first Index team outing where we went to the city at around 8 and came back as late as 1.

Life has been good till now… I hope this is only the start… I want many more such experiences to follow.