The Chappell Fiasco: Some points we Indians need to take home!

One might be wondering why I am writing on the Chappell saga now? Chappell’s email to the BCCI, then the Ganguly controversy going public, later being dropped from the team leading to some crowd problem in a match in the Eden Gardens. Now Saurav dada is back in the side. We Indians have forgotten the past and we believe that the Indian team is all set for the World Cup to be held in West Indies within a few months’ time. This is a great turn around story but what are the learnings???

A few hours back, I saw an interview of Greg Chappell in CNN-IBN. He very clearly told one thing that he cannot be honest in India. What does that exactly mean? He means that if he says something which he feels true, it may happen that he will top the list of people who would be in the firing line of the media, the politicians and the parliament also. Do we as Indians have the habbit of blowing things out of proportion? We make a small thing look bigger. We quarrell on petty issues. We fight and kill over tiny matters. We think we are the best if we achieve something which is not at all great by the international standards. Don’t think that I do not love my country. I am more patriotic than anyone else and that is why I am criticising my India.

Chappell raised one very important issue in the interview. When he spoke about Sourav at that time, he spoke as a coach. He did not have any personal enmity with him. We very proudly talk about the professionalism in work. Who defines professionalism? I don’t know what exactly it is? Chappel said that if he speaks something in Australia and it becomes a report there, the same news would become a TSUNAMI here in India. How true. I accept and I believe that we Indians as a clan lack this so called professional approach. We lag behind only because of this deficiency. We do not like to do our jobs properly but we want our pockets to be full everytime. We bribe so that our work is speeded though. We litter the public places but quarrell with people if someone tries to do the same with our home.

I am not a fan of the US but I must admit that their contribution in the modern world is far more outreaching than ours. Their greatest ability is to pragmatically examine a situation. They knew that had they not attacked Iraq, Euro would have been the currency of trade for oil in Iraq. Dollar would have been weakened. They knew that time was running out. So they attacked and secured their country from a peril in the making. I would have done the same. We Indians cannot take even one step against Bangladesh who has been acting as a safe abode for the extremist organisations like ULFA, MULTA etc.

These insights by people who come from outside should be taken constructively. If they are speaking something, try to analyze if things are true. We as a country should be more focussed in our outlook and off course be more professional.


A Day @ IIFT

Peggy! Peggy! What’s the time?
Modi! U r late…
Oh fuck man!

Peggy and Modi, our loomies in great conversation every morning. One is in the loo and the other inside his cozy blanket. I realize my day has begun. It is 8:55 A.M. The class is about to start… Typically every day i get up only after my roomie Paji gets up. With a frown on my face, I curse myself for choosing to do an MBA. I am not the 4 hrs’ sleep types honey! Welcome to a high profile corporate life… The day has started rolling in (or rather steam rolling… :D)

Run! Run! Run! Run to the loo… Run for the queue… Run to the bathroom.. dress for the run (:D) and you realise that you are late by more than 1000 seconds! Have you seen today’s time table? The automatic question that comes into my mind is “Was there any home assignments?”, “How can I be so irresponsible?”, “Partha! You are a manager… Shit on you! How can you forget?” No no.. These are not sermons… In fact these are some greetings from my brain to my heart. And this happens when I am running… U know what I mean by “running” right?

I am dressing up! Where is my watch? Arre cell kahaan hai? Who took my pen dude? All these small but important things have the habbit of disappearing into thin air when they are in great demand. I finally manage to get hold of my books, collect a newspaper lest I get time to read and take some more important things …. loads of tension for the day! I have a presentation to make. The ppt is ready but only googling is not recommended. The profs are smart enough. Oh there is one corporate interaction also… Who is coming BTW? Might be some CEO or VP or some foreign delegate. I tell myself… Whaaaaaaaaaaat? Sonaaaaaa hi toh hai!!! Then I remember I have a batch meet at 10:00 p.m with the IMF (Not the monetary fund thing.. it is the IIFT eeeeestudents’ body). With books and the laptop, I reach the class room within 30 seconds (15 seconds error acceptible). Did anyone realise that I bypassed the mess (only smelled the beautiful smell of the morning breakfast)? This is just the start of the day.

I reach the class room but sir is already there. Thank God! had this been the first trimester, I would have been kicked out not without a kick on my ass. One good thing is that I always find someone or the other coming after me… So I am not the last one to enter. The corporate “gurukool” as we call it is on for the day!

Very very generously, sir allows me to sit but with a dialog which symbolises the true “screwing” spirit of the profs here. “Mr. Partha! You are late… I must say again. You know time is sacrosanct here in IIFT”. I wonder “Is there any simpler word to describe the same?” But promptly reply … “Sorry sir! was awake till late last night”

There is no empty seat in the last rown. Find a seat which places me away from the direct gaze of the teacher. The litany continues. Some ACPs* and DCPs* are asking questions. I wonder whether the question freaks are never at peace or do they want to gain some valuable points? For those who do not know, in every subject, 10 marks are allotted for class participation.

Whenever I pay attention to what the teacher is saying, I feel guilty. I plan for my next class and plan that I would be prepared by the next discussion. Don’t think about this class… It is over and you know that every thing is going like Shoaib’s bouncers.

4 classes everyday with two hours each. 15 mins break between two classes. 30 mins lunch break. Post class I have tons of work… make a presentation, prepare a report, surf the net, get a nap, eat the dinner and stay put in your room. This is how life is at IIFT. We are busy every day, every moment and every second. Miles to go before I sleep!!!

There is no time to think… People here are so smart that given a moment, they would not think twice to take away the piece of bread you started eating. Maybe this is what professionalism is? I believe there is nothing wrong in it. After all, everybody cannot be a friend and off course not all are enemies. Who constitute the rest? I mean who is there who fills the gap between friends and the enemies? They are the professionals. And one can learn the most from these professionals only.

For all my friends who have been complaining about my blogs, I promise this is a new start!!!

ARM Mid Term!!!

My head is spinning!
After an overdose of Statistical Analysis and so many different jargons, I am stressed out. I have a mid term exam tomorrow. ARM (Advanced Research Methods) is a newly introduced course. The prof. is a tough one and according to the seniors, we can expect some ‘F’s in the final mark sheets. ARM is a highly analytical subject where one cannot GAS! So… Do now or Die tomorrow.

I started by my own. I could complete only a few topics but i was overloaded with so many doubts. The whole batch is dependent on a few selected individuals who take the pain of taking proper notes during the class. There are even few who could understand what was being taught. All of us (the lesser mortals here) had to learn from them. I am sure I am not well prepared. But somehow I have lost the fear… Kya hoga? Maut toh nahin hogi na…

Today when I called up my mother, she told me that she has been feeling very low for quite sometime. She asked me about my health. My physical health is ok but I am totally unfit as far as my mental health is concerned. She as a mother could guess that. Telepathy is very active for a mother. She can always sense if something is wrong. This is the power of a mother… she is the most precious gift the almighty has given to us.


Convocation Pics

Noticeable personalities: Rajiv with his version of Basic Instinct! Mollycoddle (Manoranjan: extreme right) seen in an unsual attire.. U rock Mala!
NESA rocks!!!

Techie Sid trying to emulate Sardar. Sardar saala thinks he is Abhishek!!!

M the odd one out!

Shruti, Sardar and Sid in some great conversation? I am sure Sid might have been bugging Sardar!!! :)))
I wanted a serious pic. Sardar making a mockery.. Shruti baal banati hui
Myself, Mayur and Rajiv

Lavanya, Mayur, Neel and Shruti (a friend I wish I met earlier)

Check this out: I have uploaded all the pics in picasa that my Canon A 340 took in SVNIT a few days back. The ones put hereare very close to my heart!!!

An "Indian" Experience

I had to deposit my draft for the 3rd trimester today. Last day, and I had to drag my lazy ass otherwise I would have been summoned to the PD’s room and what not would have happened. Here, trivial issues get more air but the important things are left asie.. I guess that is what Indian Bureaucracy is!

Anyways.. I went to the nearest branch of the Indian bank to make my draft. I got many feedbacks about the inefficiency of the bank from many friends of mine but I never had the chance to have the first hand experience. Today I could not deny myself the shabby administration and indiscipline of the Indian bank…

I entered inside and found the interiors much better than what I expected. The branch is considerably spacious and well furnished with ACs hanging on the walls… (Haier: Made in China).. But I was not sure about the working because it is chilled out here in Delhi..

Reception: Wow! There is no one there.. I checked my watch.. The time was 12:10 p.m. I could only find some hand outs of mutual funds of Reliance and SBI on the reception desk.

Some Counter: I asked an old man about the draft.. He asked me whether I have paid the cash or not? I said : “No!”.. “Go and do that in the cash cunter there and then come”, he replied and pointed me towards the counter. I went and filled the draft form and asked him again about the exchange rate that the bank charges.. he asked me roudily to ask the person at the cash counter…

Okay dude! I went to the cash counter.. There was a person very busy counting notes.. Suddenly he scolds an old man because he did not put the notes in a proper format… A cashier cannot even take this much pain.. after all this is what he is paid for. A great show of dedication.. He asked me to go to one another counter for the draft.

Yes.. I thought this guy would be better. I was standing in the queue. When my turn came, he asked me to fill in the exchange rate details.. I dint know the rate so asked him to tell me.. He told “Go to the first counter.. he will tell you the rate”. I told.. “Sir! The person in that desk asked me to talk to you for the same?… Abruptly came his reply ” Woh So Raha hai kya??? (Is he sleeping there?) Okay.. i went but to my dismay I was returned back to the same counter. Logically speaking, I think the person at the cash counter should know how much the exchange rate is.. but they played badminton and made me the shuttle.

Grumbling and dejected.. the cashier accepted my money.. The exchange rate was 120 bucks.. I never paid this much for exchange rates in any bank till now.. But chalega! I got the receipt and proceeded for the DD section..

A peron (50 or something) was busy chatting with someone in English! Fortunately I did not wait for too long before the other person left.. I asked him to make my draft.. He called one other person and asked him to do the same. I saw there were two counters and he should have made the draft but that is the ways things take place in a bank… after it is an Indian bank.

Let me call the person at the DD counter a Snob! the other one is “Decent”

Snob: Hey Decent ji! Come and make this draft.. People are waiting. (Decent was busy and doing some other work in another counter.. and Snob was busy enjoyin his free time)

Decent: Sir! How can I do work in two counters at the same time? Please cooperate and complete the draft…

Snob: You have two hands.. you should be able to handle two desks at the same time.
(That sounded so stupid! How can he say that? Bloody Snob! He was doing nothing and asking a busy man to complete his share of work)

Decent: Sir! You also have two hands…

(:D I loved that)

I thought being a spectator would make me waste my time.. I went and approached Decent to complete my task. He told me that he could not handle two desks at the same time because the automated software system allowed active log in only at once node.. I could understand but I requested him to issue my draft because i was getting late.

He was good at heart and he came after some time.. He issued my draft and had it signed by Snob! But before that when Decent was still there at the other counter I asked Snob as to who would be issuing the draft.. He said “The bank will issue the drfat”. That is the way things work here..

When i was waiting for my DD, I heard someone telling one other employee that Times of India (TOI) had covered an entire article on the working of this particular branch..

This is what happens in 90% of the offices in India (mostly government institutions). How can we become developed and competitive if people are so lazy? ow can we go ahead of China if these things continue? People tend to negkect the importance of time.. Time is the most precious thing.. We Indians have to understand one thing that to succeed and maintain the edge in today’s world, we just cannot afford to stay put at a particular place and expect things to get completed by their own..

We have miles to travel before we can say that “India is shining”!!!

Let us hope for the best and contribute as much as we can.

The Ocean of Death!

I wrote this poem (the one to follow) when I was at my lowest… That was the minimum I could ever think. I laid down all my energy and cried… I wrote all that i wanted. I felt as if I did not have anyone in this whole world. I do not exactly remember the date but it must have been after the first trimester got over in IIFT and I went home. I found it lying in my desktop at home and thought that it should be put on my blog page.

To be frank, I am sure I am over with that period now. I prayed to the almighty to give me the strength.. to survive for my parents. I think he has done that… I am happy for myself. IT’S NOT THAT I HAVE FOUND SOMEONE ELSE. No! I am above such things now.. This new year has brought some new hopes inside… i don’t care about what others think.. I am made for myself.. I want to love myself for someone who would come someday and for the only one who deserves me…

I am very sure about one thing now… I am not so bad to waste myself for someone who does not care for me… But yes.. I know I am too good. I am meant for the ONE who deserves me for everything in life.. I am waiting.. for her.. I will give everything to her.. It will be stupid to destroy myself for others…

Thanks to my friends who have always stood by my side when I needed them… Thanks to the almighty who has always been there… and thanks to my parents for whom I can leave aside anything on this whole earth…

I am in the ocean of death
All alone I have traveled so far
Facing the tempest, and
The hurricanes… that came along the journey!!!

The wrath has only been augmented
Looking for the strand for so long
Where am I heading???
Is the end in sight?

Is death coming near?
I won’t have any qualm… dying
Laying down my life for someone
Who matters to me… not for matter!

The travail of facing the shock waves…
Ocean God playing the master role
No one can be blamed… coz
“Peril” was no one’s but my decision

I have no one to chide but only self
Was it the path my folks wanted me to follow?
Losing the dignity… and the relevance
The path of utter self annihilation

Is it going to be a virile cessation…?
Or just another obliteration
I don’t know… Don’t ask me…
I am searching for the riposte in “the ocean of death!!!”

To you my love: Being yours was being so true
So full of love for myself that I wanted you
Honored! Life is so beautiful
Will love you till I fade

Just another day begins
I will have to travel… in the meander of the “ocean”
Hoping my hope does not turn into despair
In the ocean of death!!!