Trimester II coming to an end!!! :)

The last blog that i posted was at the end of the first trimester here at IIFT. I don’t know how and why it happened, but to my pleasant surprise, the second trimester is also coming to an end within two weeks’ time. Hurray!!! I am really very very happy. One of the reasons is that I am going home again and the second is that my stay at IIFT is becoming shorter.. I really want to leave this place but for my own good!!! I hope 2008 comes tomorrow… That is again hoping against hope.

This trimester has been very entertaining one with so many parties happening, booze flowing unlimited, B school competitions coming up and summers placements coming to an end. I came back from home and was surprised to find the amount of load that suddenly came up on account of the summer placements starting the very next day.

There were many big names lined up for the process. There were as many as five companies per day and that made it difficult for us because one had to prepare for so many different companies at the same time. Going through the details of the different companies at the same time was a big deal. Plus the pain of getting rejected was always there because I could not clear the first company where I got shortlisted. As a whole, the summers experience was very good and I got reinforced in one thing that if somebody wants something from the core of his heart, then the almighty always gives that to him. I always wanted an IT company and I got the same. Wipro was a dream come true. Our seniors who got placed in Wipro last year told us that the “Wipro Experience” will be one to be remembered for the rest of our lives. Fun at work and the would be “Bangy” experience will be moments to be remembered.

Next came the string of different events like the alumni night, the reverse freshers and the B School fest Quo Vadis’06. It was a good experience interacting with the alumni who have done wonders in their respective fields. One feels proud seeing people who are so successful in their professions. I can just hope I do well and be a manager with a difference. I want to become someone who is doing well but at the same time, keeping his morals and ethics intact. Lets see how far I reach.. because I have serious doubt on my abilities. 🙂

Yeah the best experience of the last trimester has been the IIM A experience. Confluence’06 is the B school fest of the best B school in the country. We had to write a paper on the Indian SMEs and propose some innovative methods of financing the same. The greatest paradox is that although the SMEs are the largest sources of exports for the country as well as the largest employers in the manufacturing sector, they do not have the advantage of having easy finances. The banks feel that they are risky and so they prefer giving loans to the bigger corporates. We did some research work on the net but the valuable suggestions came from our faculty members. They gave us the know how of the actual problems that these small units are facing… we are thankful to them because those inputs made us more confident and helped us in winning the third prize at IIM A. We stayed there for only one day but the confluence of the best minds from across the globe, the treatment and the aura of the campus made us realise that IIM A is not just a brand but it is a place which make one feel great. a sense of ownership and a sense of belongingness develops.. For me and my colleague, it was sadly for one day but even then it was a great experience.

I am writing this sitting inside the coziness of my blankets. The temperature has dipped suddenly here and “Dilli Ki Sardi” is coming true in the harshest of its terms but i am enjoying it.

I believe in only one thing… I don’t want to outscore others.. I do not want to out do others.. I do not want to hate others.. But why is it that I feel as if everyone outscores me? Everyone outdoes me? and everyone hates me? There was a moment when i did not want to think negative.. Now i feel.. i feel sad that i think only negative. I am writing this because this blog is my current state of mind. I want to see how i change after say a year or a decade.. I would like to write these things so that I do not forget the past and the pains that i got chasing my future. The best thing is to lay back.. do your work judiciously.. and leave the rest on the almighty.

That’s all for today!!!
Will come up with another post on a visit to meet some special children.

Till then……. Ciao!!!