Night Life???

Staying awake till 4 or 5 in the morning and getting up at 7 is not a very good practice for the body. But it is a daily activity for a B School student. Being in an Ivy League or Super league B school makes u do that because one cannot afford to be complacent. We have a position and a credibility in the industry… we need to maintain that.

Time is running so fast. I am already one trimester old here in IIFT.. I feel as if i have been here for ages.. I have started loving this place.. not for the people or frenz but for something which I cannot define. I am being too philosophical these days.. I love being a philosopher. I am lost into some kinda wilderness and i feel as if i am going towards my goal.. albeit unknowingly.

Tons of loads up on my head.. Had two presentations today.. each one is being complemented by some document files which one has to send.. on top of that we had the shock of our lives when “JnJ” came to the campus :).. session ends on 27th.. exam starts on 21st.. i just completed the assignments of Psychology, Principles of Management and marketing.. It is around 3 a.m and i feel like giving some “Gyaan”

Today i asked a few questions to my own inner self.. I am not being “frustu” now a days.. I have got another name here.. At least my roomie calls me a “Psycho”. Maybe i have bcome.. can’t say guys.. noone knows what people perceive n hw they perceive… neways going back to the questions…I asked myself.. What does a person do when he can’t even express his love to the person for whom he can lay down his life??? What if there are so many unanswered queries inside…??? What does one do when he sees only a foggy road ahead… the temp is down… he is not even wearing a jumper and there is no fire within??? Maybe these questions will have many interpretations or answers.. What if someone is so valued in someone’s life??? What if someone does not get what he deserves??? Is the funda of “even end” valid???

I don’t know.. I don’t think i will be able to continue nemore..
Good night.. Pass on ur comments if u feeeli u kno the answers to these qns..