IIFT Lingos

I guess the beauty of every place lies in its lingos. IIFT also has a few lingos which are quite “Business” like. There is a reason why i used the word “Business” here.. I leave that upon the readers to guess.

QIA: Qutab Institutional Area; the place where IIFT is located. It’s a beautiful locality having serenity and nature at its best. It over sees the green ridge near the Qutab Minar. I don’t think there will be any place in Delhi which is so close to nature.

Gyaan: You are speaking sense.. but sadly the audience is not in a mood of listening to your litany. You are trying hard to impress the crowd around but your efforts go in vain…

Globe: Well, you are speaking no nonsense but you are not speaking sense either. The audience will commit a make you chase a rat as punishment if they get the chance…

Gas: The lightest of all.. You are simply bluffing. You are speaking simply non sense and the listeners are having a ball of time planning your executiion.

Roomies: They are the room mates.

Loomies They share a loo.. The loo is too small between two BIGG rooms.

I remember only these many till now.. Will give more updates as and when i come across some more.


The "Sindhwani" Effect

What the bloody hell??? I have the full right to be unfair…

This is how he spoke during the first five minutes of his interaction with our class. We were awestruck and just could not guess what would happen in the future. Dr. Sindhwani is a personality of difference. He is a person who starts by bashing you and ends by bashing you up. But in the end, you will find you have started liking that person.

He is our “Principles of Management” professor. He has an aura of command and he acts tough. I have an inherent feeling that he is very soft inside. The first teaching that he imparted to all of us is: “All of you are managers having 20 years of experience. Management cannot be taught; there is nothing to be termed right or wrong in management. Everything is relative.

Here I write down a few points from his classes which really impressed me.

1. Enjoy your work.

Why not? If one does not enjoy his/her work, then how can he/she even think about performing well. He has teaching experiences in different countries across the globe. He has taught in the U.S, Europe and Australia. He told us that we are no less than any body in this world. God has given us a nice platform in the form of IIFT and a chance to perform well and learn. If we cannot do well, then it’s the fault of non other than ourselves.

2. Always set higher targets.

Dream high and aspire to reach for the stars. Have confidence and start working. If you set your targets for the stars, then only you would reach and grab hold of the moon.

3. Play the Game only to WIN.

Why to waste your time if you are playing for the sake of participation only??? Winning or losing does not really matter; but what matters is your attitude and your desires or aspirations. Try your best to win… Winning is not everything; it is the only thing.

4. Don’t accept injustice.

There is a limit to everything. Don’t shy away from speaking against injustice. You should have your self respect and be bold if you are correct. At the same time, be bold enough to accept your mistakes.

5. Managers should be a part of the solutions; NOT the problems.

You are supposed to make things simpler not tougher. Management is an art and there is no excuse called “I dint have time”.

These are few of the main points that i jotted down so that i would put them here on my blog. I will be glad if you comment upon this post.

Cheers.. More blogs to follow.

Foray into a B School Life!

Bahut suna tha; bahut socha tha
aashayein le ke aaya tha mein yahaan
pata nahin un sapno ka kya hoga..
Kya mein kar paunga us vishwas ko samman???

IIFT Delhi: Indian Instutute of Foreign Trade, Delhi is my abode for the next two years. I left Surat on 21st May’06 and reached home on 24th. For the first time since i joined SVNIT, i got more than one month time at home.
I had a long break and utilised it fully in sleeping.. It was difficult for me intially to adjust at home as i was missing my college very much. I visited a few friends of mine to keep my mind away from the shitty thoughts which had been disturbing me for too long. Slowly but gradually I got sensitised to my place and my folks. I got busy in some house hold chores starting from looking after the flooring works being done by the masons. One thing that i regret is that i just could not study even a little bit. I bought a few books in Mumbai planning to complete them by the end of my break but could not do so.. Finally the time came to leave my place for IIFT. It was a mixed feeling because i was confused inside. I felt an emptiness inside thinking no one would be there to be called “dosts”. I got nostalgic and was worried over the fact that a new adjustment was due at a new place. It was definitely going to be a strange place with so many new things in store for me…
I started my journey on 14th July and reached Delhi on 15th. I started sensitising with the place. I was alone in my room as my roomies had not yet arrived. The first day was really boring and lonely. I tried roaming around and visited a few new places nearby. Then one by one the hostel became full and my roomies also came. One is from Mohali having a work exp. at SBI for more than 2 years and another is a fresher from Delhi.
Our programme innauguration was on 17th July when the Union Commerce Minister for State, Mr. Jairam Ramesh came. It was a high profile event where we could really have a feel of the stature of IIFT. The innauguration was followed by the admission procedures. We were being given a bag full of books which made me come down to the reality. Then we were being briefed by the faculty members, the library staff and the computer administrator. Life started rolling like a tyre on a rough terrain from the next day onwards. We were treated as if we had been living in IIFT for ages and all of us were shocked after we got to know the curriculum. That simply meant less sleep for the days to come. In a way i was happy inside coz more work means less idle time and more devotion towards work. That would prevent one and all from doing and thinking crap.
I was impressed by the discipline at IIFT. You just cannot afford to be late by even one minute. You would have to respect time and only then IIFT would be your cup of tea. We would get so many assignments everyday and the morning yoga classes would take away the hard earned sleep. There is a stark difference in the style of etaching between IIFT and my engineering college. Back there in SVNIT, one could pass even by studying the night before the exams.. But sorry.. One would plunge if that happens here. There are hell lots of divisions on marking.. There are marks allotted for class participation, attendance, presentations, projects, cases. etc. etc. That is good in a way because one gets busier and busier and frankly speaking; the schedule is quite manageable.
Life is quite happening here. We have had a few corporate interactions alerady. There are a plethora of events coming up. There are sector specific symposiums and the b school fest of IIFT coming up. Today we had the BT Acumen quiz and debate hoisted by none other than Harsha Bhogle. One gets to see the big names in person and that makes you feel great.
I know these two years cannot make me a manager. Management cannot be taught. But yes, maybe my thoughts can be moulded. I will be a good decision maker and a disciplined person by the time I pass out. I am hoping to learn a lot from my fellow mates here. The batch is a highly talented one and I am the most dwarf among the giants. Only time will speak what is in store for me.. but optimism is a quality that i am trying to inculcate.
Too much written after a long time.. Hope is a good thing.. I am hoping for the best because these hopes are not mine.. these hopes are of those two pair of eyes who have noone to bank upon other than me. I just want to satiate their desire for once.. I have been unsuccesful till now.. Just waiting for the day when i will proudly scream: “Maa! Papa! I did it!”