Our exams are over and the institute is officially closed now. After the rustle and bustle of the examinations, most of the students have gone home. We few are staying back in the campus for a few more days till the 13th of Dec. A few guys from the third year are also working for Mindbend’06, our annual college technical festival. We are here because we have to complete a portion of our final year project. We are a group of five. The other four members of the team are Anshuman Khandual, Rajiv Sengupta, Raman Arora and Siddhartha Prakash. According to our project guide, the completion of our project will mean something phenomenal in the history of SVNIT.

The project is related to the management of the whole CAMPUS NETWORK. Ours is a Linux based networking. Our college is a pioneer in Linux based networking. A student from our college created the first BLUG (Bharat Linux Users Group). Apart from this, many have got accolades from IBM and other companies due to their proficiency in Linux platforms.

Presently, the system administrators have to type in the commands in the prompt and do everything manually. It becomes very tedious for them to manage the network using the unix commands. We have to develop a GUI (Graphical User Interface) for the whole system. That GUI will solve the purpose simply with the click of a mouse. The software has to take into consideration the other parameters like the campus security, intrusions, bandwidth management, port scanning and anomaly detection. Right now, we are working on the parameters of the Squid Proxy server. We are writing shell scripts for the modification of the different parameters in the squid server. Two of us are busy with the scripting part and the rest are doing and banging their heads in the development of a beautiful and attractive GUI. Sid is working on NMAP and Anomaly Detection.

The college seems very different when there are few students in the campus. The canteen looks so awful and the hostel encourages weary thoughts during the lonely nights. Mess is closed means we have to take our food outside, sometimes the canteen sometimes the thelawalahs. Visit to Sunil Chaiwallah has become customary. Anshuman’s jokes using the computer fundas, Raman’s insistence to go for a movie and the sudden plans for some trip outside have characterized our last few days. I am enjoying this work because I feel I am doing something very worthy and the “for college” feeling adds ignition to the desire.

Since I am an avid day dreamer, I am getting time to exercise my imagination power. I am enjoying this period thoroughly. Plus I am getting enough time for blogging also. Cheers!!!  


A Strong Revelation!

Very often you realize that there are many things in life which are not what you think and which do not occur or happen as per your thoughts. I was chatting with a friend last night when I stumbled upon a very strong yet unusual change in myself. Ever since she told me that line, I have been wondering about how much I have changed from what I used to be in my first year of engineering. Her line was “Partha! Learn to trust people”. There was a time during my twelfth standard when another friend, looking at my character suggested me not to trust people too much. I think both have been correct in judging me at respective times.

Every change has a reason behind. Every leaf falls due to a jerk. That jerk may come from a wind, a breeze or a tornado. Yes I have changed and my change has been immense in my thought process. I have seen and experienced promises being broken. I have seen how people can be pitilessly selfish. I have seen how “friendship” has been made a word which only oozes philosophy. I have seen how hypocrites live. I have seen how I have changed. I wonder whether this change is going to help me or not. I fear whether I will ever be able to trust someone or not. Guys! Will this lead me somewhere bad??? This is a million dollar question! I will have to wait and see till I get the answer…

Bollywood still in Woods!!!

My seventh semester exams got over yesterday. Although I did not take too much tension for the exams this time, I felt much relieved after I got out of the examination hall. As usual, our group decided to go for a movie from 9 to 12 p.m. Now the options were too many to choose from, thanks to so many movie releases being made by bollywood within the last one month or so. Finally we zeroed down to a movie named ‘Deewane Hue pagal’. Excitement built up slowly and after taking dinner, we hurried off towards the destination. Now the question was to choose the theatre. One was a multiplex and another was a non-multiplex and less costly one. We chose the second one as usual. We thought it would be better to reach a bit early lest we do not get tickets and going and standing there for some time has always been a feast for the eyes. I guess “samajdharon ke liye ishara hi kaafi hota hai”. We bought the tickets in the marvel class..I think that name stands for the “marvellous” seats that characterise the class.

Although it featured some of the best actors from Bollywood, I did not have high expectations from this movie. The movie started and so the immaturity of Bollywood. It was nothing more than a story which has been repeatedly told in many bollywood movies time and again in one or the other form. There was no proper story line and most importantly, one will have to leave aside his logical mind to enjoy a movie of this sort. I do not think Bollywood should be proud to be the largest movie producing factory in the world. Intead it should be ashamed of the pathetic number of hits produced every year. Hollywood movies are also hyped and show lots of unnatural things but those movies have atleast a bit of logical approach. I see the same things getting repeated in 90% of the Bollywood movies released every year.

This movie was another flop, atleast for me. Although there were a few scenes which really made us laugh, such movies highlight the amount of distance Bollywood has to traverse before even thinking of competing with the best in the business. The rise of India Inc. has been possible because the mindset of the Indian corporate world has changed and they believe they can compete with the best. Bollywood needs the same confidence to go ahead and take itself out of the rut. Being developed economically alone cannot make India a superpower. A superpower will have to be dominating in all fields including sports and culture. And India can be a superpower only if the name ‘India’ means a brand or a quality.

I have never been a critic of any movie till now but this movie made me feel as if I wasted my time. We do not expect Bollywood to release movies like this at this point of time. I can just hope it realises it’s responsibility of being the largest movie industry in the country and work towards the country’s development.