I am back!!!

Hiiii all!!!
I am back after a very long time. I dont know how the last one and a half months went by. The past one month has been very eventful for me. Typhoid to Seminar debacle, Viral fever to home visit for treatment and CAT, IIFT accompanied by the college exams took the hell out of me. Apart from these usual things, there was one thing that disturbed me the most. I am no more the old jolly volly Partha I used to be. My mind is always occupied by one or the other tension. I am doing everything perfunctorily. I lack the zeal. One thing that I fear the most is solitude. Solitude is taking its toll on me. I wanna get out of this hell as soon as possible and probably this solitude.
Engineering final year students are generally termed as frustus. I never thought I would see myself me like this one day. I wondered why my seniors used to be so different from their usual selves in the final year. I asked them, they dint have any answers. Now I don’t have mine!!!