e-Lection gets over wid a BANG!!!

Democracy does not guarantee equality of conditions – it only guarantees equality of opportunity.
– Irving Kristol

Keeping up the tradition of democratic India, SVNIT Surat went to election on 29th Sept’05. This was an election with many noticeable differences. Unlike the previous elections where there were two main candidates for the elusive General Secretary (GS) post, this election had three major candidates for the most coveted post of the college. This made the SVNIT exit polls very difficult to comprehend. The second noteworthy change: Keeping pace with the e-choupal and IT race, we had an electronic election this time. Under the leadership of the HOD of the Computer Department Prof. Dhiren Patel & Asst. Prof. D C Jinwala, election software was specifically designed for our college. The software was a huge success because of its pin point accuracy and the reduced time that it took in the polling process. Apart from these two major changes, we got to see heavy press coverage with many camera men from different local channels and newspaper groups like TOI, IE moving here and there and interviewing the candidates. The presence of a blue police van was indeed very scary because it reminded most of us of some dreary incident ;-).

The proceedings were very smooth and clean. It was the calmest election that I ever saw in our campus. As in every war, there is always a winner and there are always losers. Mr. Prabhat Barnwal got elected as the GS and 90% of the student council positions are occupied by his confidants. So we can expect him to perform and live up to the expectations of those who voted for him. This election was the closest one in our college history and that’s why the supporters of the different camps had many sleepless nights. Apart from the GS, elections were held for the posts of Class Representatives (CRs) also. The CRs elect the CS and the secretaries from among themselves for committees like the L&D (Literary & Debating), the Magazine Committee & Sports. It is necessary that the CRs should be from the same camp as is the GS because the committees should work together and have sincere support from the GS. And luckily this time we have that privilege. The GS with all the CRs form the Students’ Council for the full academic year.

With the odds not against them, our new Students’ Council team members will be able to take our college to new heights. We hope to see a new look of our college by the time we leave this beautiful campus never to return back. All the best to everyone up there guys!!!


Life of an engineering student!!!

I am already in the final year of my engineering career here at NIT Surat. Come May’06 and I will be one of the thousands of engineers embarking upon a new journey of life. I will be among the few thousands who will be proudly donning the NIT tag. I often look back and wonder how these three and half years passed by. This period has been the most enriching experience of my life as it helped me become a person as a whole. Apart from the academic qualifications that I have gained, the most important thing that I could understand is life. Staying away from home has made me understand and see life better and from a very close angle. I stand on my own now and I feel confident about facing the world. I am fortunate that I am in an institute where students from all over the country come to study. This multicultural diversity and the realization of mini India in my campus is also unique.

Being in the twilight of my engineering career, I suppose I am capable enough to comment upon the life of an engineering student in general. I will divide this remarkable journey into four different parts on the basis of the four years that we spend in college as a student. I am writing this on the basis of my perception. It may vary from person to person but it’s my prerogative to write what I wish to here.

First Year:

The first year is the year of excitement, thrill and expectations. You set your foot in the campus and the tag of being a “Fresher” follows you for the year. That is accompanied by the fear of ragging by the seniors. The formal dresses, the full sleeve shirts during the summers, the fear of the presence of some seniors are part of the life of a first yearite. Most of us come here with lots of expectations from the institute. Expectations may vary from the dreams of a nice future to the fun expected from a typical college life. One thing that is very common during the first few months is home sickness. Many of the students who come here are outside home for the first time in life. New friends are made and new relationships come up. This helps in feeling the campus homely. A sense of responsibility grows and one starts feeling GROWN UP! This is accompanied by a feeling of independence. Independence for what you want to do, where & when you want to go…For many, bunks become a daily habit. You are your own guide and no one can stop you here. Many new habits start taking shape. Many of the students see the adult movies for the first time in life. Many start boozing and smoking for the first time. Using the words like f**k becomes a culture. Studies are mostly forgotten and only the 11th hour preparation for the exams fetches the marks. By the time one again gets time to think, he /she is in the most beautiful second year.

Second Year:

The best year of my engineering career is the second year. After the initial hiccups and setbacks in the first year, one starts looking into the first year with a new anticipation. This is accompanied by new expectations from the department. In this year, the friendship becomes deeper. The group that was made in the first year takes the shape of a gang and this continues for the rest of the days in the college. New “frustapa” comes into the picture…may be one becomes more interested in some new found crush or some college activities. Studies get the lowest among priorities. One gets more involved in the college activities and the excitement of showing superiority before the juniors grows. One starts taking enjoyment in screwing the juniors. The image created in the second year is usually the permanent one in one’s college life. Exams came and gone by and without even the slightest hint, the second year got over within no time.

Third Year:

After the excitement of the second year fades away and the students come back from home, one suddenly finds himself in a great quagmire. The studies are lagging behind and the previous year seems to be an utter waste. Being in the third year of engineering, it is not digestible that one’s technical knowledge is not up to the mark. Classes start and the usual murmuring, gossiping in the canteens are accompanied by a sense of sincerity towards work. “Kya meri job ho jayegi…?” is always there at the back of one’s mind. Many of the enthusiastic students join different coaching centers for MBA entrance examinations or GRE tests. Suddenly the career seems more important tops the list of different priorities albeit for a few days. This enthusiasm lasts only for a few days and life goes back to its normal state again. The high level of entropy diminishes and the students are back to the good old days. This year is usually a dull one because one is more confined to his room and starts thinking but doing nothing. This helps one in becoming more matured. And it is true that one gets more maturity during the third year. By this time, one will be having either of the two extreme opinions about the college: Either he will like the college or will be fed up of the entire system. As the time of placement approaches, the fear again comes back. The mock tests and the GDs and the PIs seem more important once again. Suddenly the book seems fascinating and technical studies become interesting. By the third year ends, many will be having jobs in their kitty yet many will have to be contended with bad experiences of missed interview chances. In this way, one of the most crucial year ends and one does not come into terms of the reality i.e. LIFE.

Final Year:

The last year is a year of realization, emotions and sentiments. The future attracts all, but with a warning that the life is never going to be the same again. This is a year of frustu life where senti gets more share. One starts realizing that he is going to lose all the things related to the last four years. The career path becomes clearer and confusing. The last days are characterized by the rambling days like picnics, group day, graffiti day etc. Seminar, projects take most of the time but studies get the lowest priority usually. Farewell, cultural festivals and college fests seem dearer to the hearts. Every thing that one neglected during the last three and half years seems more beautiful and one starts thinking is it worthwhile leaving this beautiful place. Sine time never waits, the D-Day comes and one has to leave the college forever. A new story of life unfolds here and I am not in a position to comment upon that.

Two Hours Lab Session!

Hey! This happens quite often than not to a few of us budding technocrats who have to bear the brunt of passing TWO boring hours in the regular Lab sessions as per our curriculum in the college. Here I am specific about the laboratory works of Computer Students. But I am very sure that other department guys also face the same kinda situations. Now, the question lies how to pass those two hours??? If you dont know anything and you are bound to attend the lab sessions becoz of attendance compulsions, there must be some innovative ways of passing those two hours. I myself being an experienced guy in this field would like to put forward some ideas which can be implemented to pass those two gruelling hours.

1. You can be the first one to reach the laboratory to grab a seat at a strategic place where you can do anything but labwork, yet evading the lazy gaze of the laboratory assistants.

2. Open the Internet Explorer and type http://www.google.com. Search something relevant to your lab work and keep that undisturbed so that you can show that to the assistants if they happen to ask you about your progress in that particular session.

3. Make full use of the UP and DOWN arrows on the keyboard when the teachers are nearby, giving them an impression that you are doing your work very dedicatedly.

4. Hey! when you have full net connectivity, who can stop you from surfing? Make it an addiction and you will be able to fully enjoy the Lab Sessions. But beware-> Don’t forget to clean the cache and the cookies as well as the history of the browser when you log off.

5. Offcourse we cant neglect the beautiful games provided by Microsoft like Solitaire, Minesweeper and Free Cell!

6. When the teacher or the lab assistant is nearby, show as if you have nothing except the assignments to do in the lab. You become a dedicated and sincere guy for the time being!

7. During those two hours of lab sessions, you can plan your future a thousand times…Day Dreaming is allowed in the labs 🙂

8. To impress the teachers and to prevent yourself from the suspicious gazes, you can always call them and ask them something irrelevant and baffling. This will indeed create a GOOD impression.

9. Juz look around, you will always find some of your mates yawning with eyes red. They will be more than happy to crack some jokes provided they are given the opportunity.

10. Last but definitely not the least, CUT, COPY & PASTE others’ programs and modify them to give the personal TCHHH to the programs. After all the look matters.

These are part of my experiences of the beautiful college life. I forgot to tell you one another way to pass those two hours…You can always prepare your blog articles during that time. In fact, I prepared this article during one of my lab sessions.

I mentioned the funnier side of our department’s laboratory sessions. There will be many others who have had such experiences of boring lectures or sessions…from other streams or departments!!!

This does not imply that these things happen everyday…we have our sincere submissions and proper lab works too!!!


Battle Song!

This is a poem that has been provided to us from IMS. I would like you guys to read this and find out the beauty of the lines:

When you are lost in the wild, and you are scared as a child,
And death looks you bang in the eye.
And you are sore as a boil, it’s accordingly Hoyle,
To cock your revolver and …Die
But code of a man, says: “Fight all you can”
And self dissolution is barred.
In hunger and woe, oh it’s easy to blow…
It’s the hell-served-for-breakfast that’s hard

You are sick of the game! “Well, now, that’s a shame.”
You are young and you are brave and bright.
“You have had a raw deal!”, I know- but not squeal.
Buck up, do your damned best, and fight.
It’s the plugging away that will win you the day,
So don’t be a piker, old pard!
Just draw on your grit; it’s so easy to quit:
It’s the keeping – your-chin-up that’s hard.

It’s easy to cry that you are beaten-and die,
It’s easy to crawfish and crawl;
But to fight and to fight when the hope is out of sight,
Why, that is the best game of that all!
And though you come out of each grueling bout
All broken and beaten and scarred,
Just have one more try – it’s dead easy to die,
It’s keeping – on – living that’s hard.

Engineered myself into engineering!!!

I am the only son of my parents. My father being a doctor, he wanted me to continue his legacy in the family by becoming a doctor. My mother was also related to the medical profession. I always wanted to become a doctor…When i used to study in the IXth and the Xth standards, People used to ask me about my future plans and i used to take less than a second to reply that I would become a better doctor than my father. The transition from Medicine to Engineering, “two opposite poles” in career choice is interesting!!!

I took admission into the Science stream at Kendriya Vidyalaya No.1, Tezpur and I was initially fascinated by the beauty of Biology. By beauty means the practicality in the approach with which our teacher taught us the subject. Our Principal was a P.G.T teacher who got Gold Medal for his teaching abilities. These things deepened my interests in the subject and I was almost sure about my career path ahead.

Slowly time passed and I started loving Physics. I had a home tutor for Physics who taught me the subject with great alacrity…I found and realised the beauty of nature through Physics. Those were my days when I used to dream and think about nature through the eyes of physics. This period was a transition period for me from Bio oriented studies to Maths oriented studies. I gradually decided and changed my career path and my success in the initial IIT JEE screening test was a moral booster for me. I felt as if I got a seat in the IITs…I tried and worked hard but could not get into the esteemed IITs. It’s always said that something is better than nothing. I got more than something in NIT Surat and I am proud to be studying here as a Computer Engineering student.

Sometimes small decisions or events change the lives of many persons…That Physics tutor of mine changed my ideas and that changed my whole life…I am thankful to him and after all “everything is predecided”.

Looking back into the last three years, I think I have gained and got to learn a lot being here at NIT Surat! I have become matured…both emotionally as well as physically.

With all its lacunas, I find my college the best place on this earth. After all, it has given me everything and made myself a man out a kid.

Happy Blogging!!!

Teachers’ Day!!!

Teachers’ Day Celebration at the Computer Engineering Department, SVNIT Surat. Ours was the only branch which had its own celebration on that day…CHEERS…we kept up the tradition of being different!

Preparations on full sway for the day…i feel our class has changed from the old boring one to a new dynamic one in the final year…!

Group photo with the Head of the Department

My First Blog!!!!

Hi ALL!!!
I am Partha Pratim Basumatary doing Computer Engineering, IV year, NIT Surat, Gujarat India. I have not yet started writing blogs properly…I am trying to gather inspiration from a few frenz who have really impressed me with their writings…

Bye for now…Partha